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Holland Animation Film Fest Web Competition 2012

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Holland Animation Film Fest Web Competition 2012

Postby Charles » Mon Feb 06, 2012 9:12 am

Call for submissions for HAFFTube 2012

Deadline for submitting films is March 10th.

HAFF is pleased to continue its web competition. HAFFTube, that’s where it all happens.

Follow this link to apply: ... -hafftube/

The web competition is open for entries right now. The channel will be filled with an international state of the art selection of contemporary animated films from all over the world with a maximum length of 5 minutes. At the set limit of 50 films, the voting begins. HAFF will rate the films and daily films will be voted out, thus, creating possibilities for new films.

HAFFTube is our official channel within YouTube. Next to the competition, the channel will be a place to find footage of past festival editions, trailers and contacts of the festival.

Visit HAFFTube and post your reaction!

An international jury selects the winner of the web. The director of the winning films will be hosted at the Holland Animation Film Festival with a festival pass and arranged stay in a hotel.

Participate now!

Go to the HAFF website, read the regulations and send the required information.

Please be kind (also to yourself) to note that your film should be uploaded on YouTube before entering the competition.

• Tag your film on YouTube ‘HAFF2012’.
• Go to the application site of HAFFTube and follow the required steps to apply your film for HAFFTube. For each film a separate entry form must be completed. Please read the regulations before completing the form.

Compete for the final fifty films at the web competition of HAFF 2012.

See you at HAFFTube soon!

Gerben Schermer
Festival director

Next edition 28 March - 1 April 2012

Daily Z

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Re: Holland Animation Film Fest Web Competition 2012

Postby Charles » Sun Mar 25, 2012 11:06 am

And the winner is...

Bugging the Bug of Velislav Kazakov (Cuckoo Animation, Canada), about a ladybug in a world of comic catastrophe. The runner-up - who came very close! - is Flowers of Chaos of Junyong Wu (Hongkong).

The international competition for web animations (five minutes max) took place on HAFFTube, supported by YouTube. The competition started in February. The first ten days, around five films a day were uploaded. Gradually, HAFFTube filled with animation films from all over the world, surprisingly including a lot of new work. The limit for the number of films was set at fifty. When this number was reached, HAFF removed a few films every day to make room for new entries.

The deadline was set at 10 March.

Subsequently, a jury consisting of filmmakers whose films were selected for the shorts competition took over and appointed a winner from the remaining shortlist.

Holland Animation Film Festival
28 maart-1 april 2012

Daily Z

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