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Bitfilm Festival - Hamburg - Oct 6-7 '10 - Entries Aug 31

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Bitfilm Festival - Hamburg - Oct 6-7 '10 - Entries Aug 31

Postby Charles » Mon Aug 02, 2010 1:53 pm


The closing event of this year's Bitfilm Festival will take place on October 6 to 7 in Hamburg. We have chosen an amazing old-fashioned mirror hall in the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe as our main festival venue. In the afternoon there will be speeches and panels, in the evening we will show films and disclose the
award winners.

The topics of the speeches are:

- 3D Stereo film production and
- the convergence of television and the Internet

If you work on a project that you would like to present under these headlines, please send us an abstract of your talk to


Please keep in mind that there is less than a month to submit your film about money to the Bitfilm Festival. More info at

Best regards

The Bitfilm Network team

Daily Z

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Re: Bitfilm Festival - Hamburg - Oct 6-7 '10 - Entries Aug 3

Postby Charles » Mon Aug 09, 2010 12:21 pm

Digital Filmfest in a Golden Mirror Hall

- New date of the Bitfilm Festival Hamburg: Oktober 6 - 7, 2010
- New venue: Mirror Hall of the Museum for Applied Arts, Hamburg
- Submissions until August 31 at

In 2010, the Bitfilm Festival Hamburg will take place at the Mirror Hall of the Museum for Applied Arts on October 6 - 7.

"We reach most people through our Internet Festival, but its closing event in the real world is still very important to us", explains the festival's director Aaron Koenig. "The more digital and virtual our lives become, the more we appreciate the charm of real-life places. Therefore we are very happy about our partnership with the Hamburg Museum of the Applied Arts, which enables us to use this luxurious venue."

Having used the Mojo Club, Schmidt's Theatre and the Planetarium Hamburg as its main venues in the past year, again Bitfilm takes place in a location that is rather unusual for a film festival.

During the day, experts will present new projects in stereo 3D production and interactive television to a professional audience. At night the general public will get an overview of the best digital films of the year and the winners of the Bitfilm Awards.

The motto of Bitfilm's online film competition this year is Money & Me. The most popular films selected by the Internet audience will be compiled to form a full-length feature film. The frame story that unites all short film entries will be produced by Bitfilm itself and co-funded by the Hamburg Filmferderung. Deadline for
submission is August 31. Like every year since 2003, the Bitfilm Festival is funded
by Hamburg's Authority for Culture, Sports and Media.

You will find the full programme from early September onwards at

For additional information and pictures in printable resolution, please visit:

Daily Z

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