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European Animation Masterclass - Germany - Aug&Nov '11

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European Animation Masterclass - Germany - Aug&Nov '11

Postby Charles » Thu Jun 16, 2011 11:37 am

European Animation Masterclass: High level training for the animation-industry

Two new workshops of the EAMprofessional in August and November 2011

Halle (Saale), June 14, 2011

According to last year‘s success the International Academy of Media and Arts (IAMA) is holding the innovative project EAMprofessional in 2011 again. Focussed on animated film projects (Movie, TV, Games): top talents, professionals and freelancer with work experience will get the chance to improve their skills within two different workshops according to their needs.

While module one from 25th to 28th of August 2011 on script development, pitching and branding focusses, concentrates module two from 10th to 13th of November 2011 on international co-productions and financing. Each module is supervised by international respected experts, such as Mike Robinson and Christophe Erbes, and is hold in the Mitteldeutsches Multimediazentrum Halle (Saale) in Germany.

Since starting the European Animation Masterclass in 2003 a lot of former par-
ticipants took successfully part in several animation-festivals, like Konradin Kunze, who won the German Animation Screenplay Award at the Festival of Animated Film Stuttgart in 2011. Corresponding to this experience, the EAM wants to give the participants important hints and partly decisive clues as well as motivation. Above all the EAM aspires to build a bridge between education and industry within the animation-sector by bringing together highly regarded experts, qualified personnel of European animation-studios and career starters.

Addressees of the EAMprofessional are producers, production assistants, directors and the management level of European animations-studios as well as international freelancer and artists with work experience. The European Animation Masterclass is geared to professionalize personnel of the animation-industry on whole Europe.

The EAM is supported by Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung, Medienanstalt Sachsen-Anhalt and Bavaria Film.

European Animation Masterclass 2011 / EAMprofessional

Module I: Script Development, Pitching and Branding
25th - 28th August 2011
costs: 350 Euro
closing date: 15th August 2011

Module II: International Co-Productions and Financing
10th - 13th November 2011
costs: 350 Euro
closing date: 28th October 2011

Target audience: top talents, professionals and freelancer with work experience
and a project.

More information:

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