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For those events that animation fans appreciate. - Moddler Quarterly Challenge

Postby Charles » Sun May 22, 2011 4:36 pm

CgCoach is really excited to announce that we have teamed up with Moddler to present the Moddler Quarterly Challenge.

Moddler is the premier 3d printing company for today's digital entertainment creators and they are ready to print your winning models every quarter. Yes, you heard right. That is a challenge every 3 months!

The challenges are aimed towards digital sculptors to help encourage and improve their creative skills. Every three months we will present an exciting modeling brief for you to push your skills and compete against other members. Our coaching team will select a group of finalists for each challenge, but the winning vote is always up to you, the members. Each challenge winner will receive a high quality digital print of their entry to the value of $500 USD.

Challenge #1 - The Circus
The first circus was established in Rome and called Circus Maximus. It was more of an entertainment extravaganza which showcased chariots and exotic animals from around the world, acrobats and jugglers performing for the huge crowds.

The Circus of today is even more varied and amazing. We all have our own idea of what a circus is and for some of us great memories can be recalled of past shows, performances or characters. And with that in mind…Roll up! Roll up! The Circus is in town!

- Entrants are required to create a 3D sculpture of a "performer" from the circus
- A "performer" can be a character, animal, or creature
- Any style is permitted, cartoon, realistic or a stylized variation
- Final model must meet the event Guidelines and be suitable for digital printing
- Final design should be posed performing the relevant circus act
- Multiple "performers" are allowed in a scene, but please refer to size Guidelines. ... -printing/

The character can be from any show or any type of performance. The character can be from ancient Roman to the modern day show. Even new types of unseen performances are permitted. New acrobats, old or young, tightrope walkers realistic or cartoon, strong-men or even strong-women. Freak shows of Victorian times, clowns, fire breathers or clown-breathing fire freaks! Cannonball midgets, lion-tamers, knife throwers, high divers, candyfloss and custard pies!

Lets make this the greatest show on earth.

Daily Z

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