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SilverSalt Int Animation Festival 2011 - Mumbai, India

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SilverSalt Int Animation Festival 2011 - Mumbai, India

Postby Charles » Fri Mar 11, 2011 11:52 pm

We are organizing a competitive animation short film festival in India, in May - June 2011.

Silver Salt Animation envisions in making this festival a platform for animators, illustrators and film makers to interact and learn through the exchange of skills and knowledge through research and study on Animation Films and creating an enriched visual and a virtual world by co-operation Silver Salt Animation aims at seeking, showcasing and promoting the best talent in the animation industry and encouraging a study of animation through workshops and interaction with the best exponents in this industry.

It also seeks to improve the animation industry in India and take it to the next level by generating interest and awareness.


* To identify the best talent through competitions.

* To provide exposure through the screening of the best films in the animation industry from all across the world and increase awareness.

* To be a platform for all independent artists, budding productions houses and well established firms making independent films.

* To promote interaction between the animators, illustrators and film makers to enhance skills and knowledge.

* To organize seminars, workshops, and interactive sessions to increase engagement levels in India.

SSAF is a competitive animation film festival inviting entries from Animation Short Film makers from all over the world. SSAF 2010 was the first time that India witnessed an animation festival on such a large scale. The festival will travel to 7 Indian cities before crossing over to International borders. SSAF is as much a competition as it is an Artists Collective as it is a unique opportunity to bring together Animation Filmmakers, Enthusiasts, and Audience and Business Community under one Roof. The first phase of the festival is slated to begin in MAY 2011. The Films will travel to over 25 locations in India. To know more about the festival please log on to - or mail me at

Entries close on 30th April 2011.

Note: For Students the Entry Fees are waived off.

Thanks & Regards,

Kshitija Shedbale
Festival Coordinator
Silver Salt Animation Festival

Mumbai, India.

Daily Z

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Re: SilverSalt Int Animation Festival 2011 - by April 30

Postby Charles » Wed May 11, 2011 12:39 am




Silver Salt Animation Festival 2011 is scheduled for the month of June - July 2011.

SSAF 2011 Entries Close on 10th May 2011.

Send your Entries ONLINE : ... stival2011

For more information
log on to
Mail us @ :
Call us : +91 6515 3400

Youtube Channel :
Flickr :

Daily Z

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