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Animators Are Vegetables

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Animators Are Vegetables

Postby Greg B » Wed Jan 12, 2011 6:34 pm

I was doing research about vegetables and realized the name came so close to animate that I wondered how close animators could have come to being called vegetables or vegetors.

"Middle English, from Latin animatus, past participle of animare to give life to, from anima breath, soul; akin to Old English ōthian to breathe, Latin animus spirit, Greek anemos wind, Sanskrit aniti he breathes
First Known Use: 15th century"

That's the Merriam-Webster etymology for the noun animate but here's the etymology of vegetable:

"Middle English, from Medieval Latin vegetabilis vegetative, from vegetare to grow, from Latin, to animate, from vegetus lively, from vegēre to enliven — more at wake
First Known Use: 15th century"

Notice how both words first got usage in the 15th century.

I can see how in an alternate universe where Charles is running a website called "Vegetation Nation" instead of "Animation Nation" and an alternate universe me is writing a post on his message board titled "Vegetators Are Animatables".

Did I just hurt your head?
Greg B
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