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An analysis of Trolls

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An analysis of Trolls

Postby Charles » Tue Dec 21, 2010 1:41 pm


Here's something I discovered recently. A humorous look at the phenomenon of Internet trolls.

It comes from a blogger based in New Zealand and was published in August 2009.

In it, he breaks down Internet trolls into the following categories of sub-species.

The Common Troll (Tosserium Vulgaris)
The Flame Troll (Tosserium Incendiaris)
The Sockpuppet Troll (Tosserium Cryptomentis)
The Time-wasting Troll (Tosserium Hypomentis)
The Lurker Troll (Tosserium Wankus Maximus)
The Blogging Troll (Tosserium Cryptomentis bloggus)

Follow the link below to:

An analysis of Internet trolls.

Through my own experiences over many years with trolls on the old AN Forums, I can add a few more categories, such as...

The Predator Troll (Tosserium Predatoris)
The Nut Case Troll (Tosserium Pathalogicus)
The Animation Guild Troll (Tosserium TAGis)
The CartoonBrew Troll (Tosserium Fanboyis)
The Nelvana Troll (Tosserium Canadansis Torontis)
The Anime Troll (Tosserium Nipponis)
The Plain ol' Troll (Tosserium Uses-their-own-name-is)

Just having some fun here, but am also sharing some insider info as to what we've gleaned over the nearly 12 year history of AnimationNation forums and what we've had to deal with in our attempt to serve the artists of the animation community.

AN has been a troll free forum for many years now. We lead the move to troll free forums in animation and as such, our members and visitors are able to enjoy the content and platform this site provides without hostility and abuse.

It's good to see so many discussion sites and bloggers such as the fellow from New Zealand being pro-active in addressing the issue of Internet trolls and trolling. It makes a big difference on a site when participants can communicate without having to deal with the inconvenience of mean spirited individuals.

In any case, this scientific study is offered up in goodwill and humor and without malice.

Daily Z

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