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The power of online and offline marketing

Share your views on the state of the Animation Industry.

Re: The power of online and offline marketing

Postby Greg B » Tue Dec 14, 2010 8:33 pm

In addition, the marketing arena has it's sleaze factor that has to be prevented and handled but that's been an ongoing happening within the community itself which was equally astonishing to me.

Nowadays, if a marketer or producer puts out a product or service that's spammy or a scam there are 100s of thousands of other marketers that will jump all over them. It's funny sometimes seeing some of these people try running a scam, get busted and totally embarrassed out of the industry.

Some of these dogpiles on scammers are so funny they're rather entertaining to see.
Greg B
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Re: The power of online and offline marketing

Postby Greg B » Wed Feb 16, 2011 4:53 pm

Owed an update to this thread.

Anyhow, after more months of study and application I've had successes non stop.

How this can aid the animation/artistic professional are numerous and it's all about knowing how to create content in ebook form ( pdf files ) and then working your administrative software which is easy. Teenagers do it and so do seniors so it's not a headache there.

My toughest problem has been as a content creator, handling clients and the avalanche of assignments. I'm at the 1st stage where to generate capital I create content either as a writer or an illustrator or both. I had to get clients, which was so easy I still find myself dizzy, coordinate the clients as they live in different countries and time zones, and finally train clients who may lack an understanding of either content creation or administrative responsibilities.

Establishing that is indeed a good mid range 5 figure income for just a few hours a day of work leaving me more time for the next phase: Product Creation.

What that means is now that I've learned the various marketing tools and especially which subjects are in demand as ebooks, I can now create my own ebooks and sell them. This is a two-phase process that can both boost massive traffic and income.

Here's how it's done. Create an ebook, could be illustrated with text, even comic book form or storyboard format. It focuses on a subject anywhere from how to fish or how to train your dog. Marketers who sell ebooks then sell the book for you via their resources for a percentage of the sale. It doesn't cost you a dime. Whenever they make a sale, you instantly get your cut. Some of these marketers have customer lists or subscribers as they're called in the millions. Often the smaller ones will have tens of thousands. Their subscribers are always alerted to a product the marketer is selling and that marketer really has their A Game on.

All you do is sit back while marketers sell your products globally 24/7.

That's it!

The marketing field is bereft of illustrators, comics, animators, cartoonists because we're expensive to hire. However, there are some marketers who will JV or "Joint Venture" with you. If you get a marketer who is huge then you can choose that route knowing that at a minimum you'll get massive exposure globally. The marketer will let you know ahead of time if the niche you're targeting is of interest to them. If so then you've got a built in salesman and customers. Example, if a marketer has customers that will buy any ebook that teaches about how to care for your lawn or how to care for you muscle car, or even in our case, how to draw then the marketer will know off the bat and say to you they've got 100,000 potential customers, the price of the ebook, DVDs, whatever ( various formats too )should be x amount of dollars. Your product is stored on a merchant account that automatically takes orders, ships, and sends you your money. Lots of security features too.

If you produce a product yourself then you solicit marketers who'll look at it to see if it's in their niche. So if you create a book about how to draw, you may find 5,000 marketers who have a collective of 1,000,000 potential customers. Let the marketers battle it out in the sales department while you sit back and collect your dough.

Right now tutorials and how-to ebooks are still expanding. With options like Amazon's Kindle the ebook realm is amazing.

So that's the next step, product creation. You can have so much fun because most tutorials and how-to products are very bland. You can get as zany as you want and if you've got a 'name' you'll get far more attention and more sales. If not, you're sure to be a 'name' after just a few successful product releases as those customers will know who you are and where to find you for more goodies.

I like this business as it's tough at first but once you follow methodical steps whereby you can easily check your statistics you'll find it less of a chore and a stronger foundation for more steps.

You guys who teach, have kids, homes that you remodel, fitness, martial arts, dieting, you name it have a great frontier ahead as there's nothing like it with great toons and storytelling out there and the demand is astronomical.

If you can build a website or a blog the battle is 90% over. I'll let you guys know how the next steps go and streamline the process.
Greg B
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Re: The power of online and offline marketing

Postby Charles » Thu Feb 17, 2011 11:17 am

That's great info Greg. Thanks for the update.

It's an exciting time.

The Internet is toppling dictators. Musicians can sell their songs without having to go through record companies. Authors can get their books out without dealing with publishers.

All good stuff. Possibilities are literally limitless, and what you're talking about is all the more reason for encouragement.

Creating content is the key to it all.

Daily Z

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Re: The power of online and offline marketing

Postby Greg B » Thu Feb 17, 2011 11:28 am

Thanks Charles.

You're right. This area of online commerce is actually what started the online business models we use today. I remember when it first started back in the 90s and it's had it's ups and downs but the software, banking, procedures are all used by companies like Amazon and more.

This approach I'm looking at is for a one-two punch for creative people in the visual arts to be able to create a product and take advantage of the marketing workforce which only a small handful has done. When I can prove it can be done from concept to capital in a few easy steps then I'll have achieved my goal.
Greg B
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