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Crowdfunding hits home

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Crowdfunding hits home

Postby Charles » Wed Jun 18, 2014 1:47 pm

Hello there ANers and folks stopping by.

I want to share some interesting news that's come my way. No big earth shattering stuff but significant none the less.

Had a conversation with a friend just now who's been working in the VFX industry in Hollywood for many years. He's been dealing with all that's involved with this scene. Partial employment, local studios shipping work out to pocket tax subsidies / bribes, etc.

His professional experience is solid with many high level high profile projects plus his knowledge is vast.

He and another friend in VFX who's been chronically unemplyed for a long time have been hired to do the VFX work on a live action project that's been... CROWDFUNDED on Indiegogo!

Since we can't rely on studio executives to keep artists employed is sure is good to know that crowdfunded projects are getting to the point where they can pick up these outstanding talents and have them create new masterworks!

The benefits of the crowdfunding are tangible in many ways! Great to see things have progressed this far.

Imagine the future!

Keep creating!

Daily Z

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