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Working in a prison?

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Working in a prison?

Postby Charles » Fri Jun 13, 2014 12:25 am

I had a dream the other night in which I saw legions of animation artists working on tiny tables all hunched over with these partitions on their desks keeping them separate from each other. They were totally cut off from the outside world, from all the things that are happening in the real world. They had no clue what was going on and didn't seem to be interested in knowing.

A voice in my dream compared this to a prison. Ever since as I pass the local studios here in Burbank I've been seeing them in a different light.

Then I had two conversations. One concerning a very high ranking artist at a major studio. The other was about another high ranking artist at another major studio down the street. So I'm getting real talk real info about the real deal. Not what you'll hear at an animation convention or on some happy talk industry blog.

The first artist was so stressed out from overwork he was looking to get out of the biz or at least take a long break. The studio is dangling a giant once in a lifetime project in front of him hoping that he'll stay and overwork himself some more with almost impossible deadlines.

The second high level artist had to take off at lunch to get drunk. The workload is so overwhelming that it's not humanly feasible to do it all.

But executives gotta earn their pay so keep working like a dog you artist!

After he returned in his inebriated state, a mutual friend talked him down and reassured him he won't be fired if he dumped the remaining work on the producer's desk and informed her that she has no choice but to freelance the remaining stuff out.

Relax, take a deep breath, it's okay. Think about the money.

The reality of studio life ladies and gents, is that it's not some dreamland where magic happens and everyone is happy and carefree. In fact it can be just the opposite.

A couple weeks ago, someone called the union aka The Animation Guild and was shocked in their conversation with whoever answered the phone that they had never heard of Kickstarter.

Strange but true!

It took a long time with a lot of ups and downs and more challenges and obstacles than I can relate. Like riding a bucking bull in a rodeo, holding on for dear life and never letting go no matter how hard it bucked.

But I did it. I broke away from the studios and I have my own independent economy in animation. I have my own school, I can create whatever I want, I'm surrounded by fantastic people every day, I'm in an absolute positive environment, I set my own hours, I'm my own boss and I answer to no one above me but the Great Spirit.

This is a wonderful life. You don't have to work in the prison system forever if it ain't for you. There's great things going on all over. Lift up your head a little and take a peak just over the partition and you'll be amazed and excited about the prospects for a life in animation outside of the barbed wire fence.

Studios artists are creating great work. They're magnificent talents. There's great work coming from all over the world nowadays by artists who are just as talented.

There's a lot to celebrate in this new creative age that we're in!

Keep creating and let's keep it going! 8-) :) :D

Good luck to you brothers and sisters and thanks for continuing to follow AN.

Daily Z

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