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Bent Image Lab expands to Europe

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Bent Image Lab expands to Europe

Postby Charles » Tue Jan 14, 2014 1:47 pm

This just in from Bent Image Lab in Portland, Oregon...


BENT Image Lab Expands to Europe

BENT Image Lab, an award-winning US-based animation and visual effects production company has expanded its offices to Europe. BENT is currently producing work all over the globe with services that run the gamut from CGI animation to stop motion, mixed media, motion graphics, VFX, as well as post production, digital and augmented reality solutions. The Spain-based office stabilizes BENT’s presence overseas while extending its reach to film, television and commercial producers looking for new creative approaches in animation and VFX.

“We are very excited to be heading to Europe,” says BENT Executive Producer Ray Di Carlo. “We have a strong client base overseas and this move allows us to better accommodate our customers while continuing to expand our services throughout the rest of the world.”
Javier Leon will lead BENT’s European operations as Creative Director. Leon brings lengthy experience in design, animation, visual effects, and post production. He is a co- founder of the award winning Vando Studios in Barcelona. “Leon is immensely talented and has built a fabulous team in Spain. He adds a fresh aesthetic to the creative that we are all excited about,” says Di Carlo.

BENT solidified its reputation in the international marketplace by producing outstanding commercials and media projects for many countries including Russia, the Ukraine, Poland, Switzerland, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, China, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and Canada. The expansion into Spain will best accommodate BENT’s European/Asian clients through its approximate geographical location for easier client travel and desirable time zone availability.

“The BENT office in Portland and the BENT office in Spain are really two parts of the same organism, joined at the hip,” says Bent Director and Partner Chel White. “Creative cohesion is the key and we’re already well on our way of fully achieving that.”

The BENT Europe office is opening on the heels of the addition of the BENT California team led by Jeff Barnes who was brought on to oversee the company's new digital media group and VFX business. Barnes is a co-founder of CafeFX, The Syndicate and past Digital Domain VP. His team has been formed to develop creative messaging for alternative medium portals such as cell phones, tablets, touch screens and special venue experi­ences, implementing AR, pixel mapping and other new technologies.

The company's clients include such well-known brands as Nissan, Mitsubishi, Samsung, Gap, Nike, Addidas Koodo Mobile, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Tetra Pak, Chip’s Ahoy as well as BBDO, Ogilvy & Mather, Euro RSCG Worldwide and Publicis. BENT also produced long form animation specials for Hallmark Channel and IFC’s Portlandia, visual effects for NBC’s Grimm and film directors Todd Haynes and Gus Van Sant.

BENT’s principals are David Daniels, Chel White, Ray Di Carlo, Tsui Ling Toomer, Jeff Barnes and Javier Leon.

Bent Image Lab

2729 SE Division St
Portland, OR 97202

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