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Do you need a nanny?

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Do you need a nanny?

Postby Charles » Thu Aug 29, 2013 1:04 pm

Perhaps the title of this commentary sounds antagonistic, but I assure you it was inspired directly by what a studio artist said to me the day before.

A very talented gentleman who was not in animation per se but had a long history of working on high end motion pictures over many years. A union member who did pretty good for himself but now he's in a situation where his age and his method of working have caught up to him.

Struggling to find employment, never making the transition to a digital medium, he finds himself out of the box wondering where to go from here.

I offered many suggestions including Kickstarter, Ebay, setting yourself up in business, teaching, etc. Everything was met with an excuse as to why he couldn't do it.

He knocked it out of the ballpark with...

"I'm the kind of person that needs a nanny."

In other words... He has to have a job where all he has to do is create and everything else is taken care of.

That's not the way of today's world I told him. If you position yourself right these phases between projects wouldn't be as severe. In time they could develop into something that overshadows your work-for-hire situations.

I've noticed that about a lot of artists in animation. Many of whom are friends that I've known since the beginning of their time in the biz and others who only think in terms of work for hire employment.

Are you of the mindset that you need a "nanny" in order to function within your professional career? Are you thinking only in terms of studio and work-for-hire employment?

If you learn to take care of yourself in the fullness of what the modern age has to offer then odds are you won't be in such desperate straights when challenging times arrive. You'll be able to change your own diapers so to speak. ;)

Respectfully submitted.

Daily Z

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