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SPOTLIGHT: Superfad Isn't a Fad

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SPOTLIGHT: Superfad Isn't a Fad

Postby EAllen » Tue Sep 21, 2010 10:18 pm


Above is a shot from Preguntas Hermosas, an effects-filled short film from the talented collective Superfad (accent mark on the "u" but I don't feel like making the attempt at integrating special characters).


Founded in 2001 by Will Hyde and Geraint Owen, Superfad has spent the past ten years avoiding establishing a signature, quirky style that many post-houses fall back on to stand out. If there's anything they want to be known and remembered for, it's for not trying to be quirky and out there.

They establish themselves by being as eclectic as possible, forging their own swath through the Photoshopped and airbrushed landscape. Their work smacks of being European, Italian, Russian, African--obviously because all of the art from those respective cultures manage to find a way, in some form into the art they create, resulting in a concoction that resists classification the way Mesrine resisted capture, ultimately preferring going down in a hail of bullets to peacefully surrendering. Yep.


Check out Will Hyde's Eye Candy spot for Sony on his director page. That happens to be my personal favorite out of all of his work.

Justin Liebow's spot for Samsung, The Wave, is so visually dynamic--the way the phone assembles itself into being, like it's made of intelligent and malleable nanotech material or something--it's a wonder to behold, bros.



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Re: SPOTLIGHT: Superfad Isn't a Fad

Postby EAllen » Wed Sep 22, 2010 10:19 pm

That first post was kinda packed with stills from Liebow's Wave spot for Samsung, and I have more that I didn't post, that I would've liked to.

Below, there they are.



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