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Waiting For Superman - the crisis in US education

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Waiting For Superman - the crisis in US education

Postby Charles » Tue Sep 21, 2010 11:21 am

There's a film coming out this week that should be seen. It's called "Waiting For Superman" and deals with the eroding educational system we have here in America.

I considered posting this in either Current Events or Live Action, but the content of the film and the nature of the topic I feel warrants giving it a spotlight in General Discussion.

I used to be an artist working in animation, but my career gradually evolved to education. I founded my own school, The Animation Academy in Burbank, and I also teach at California State University in Northridge.

I've personally struggled with this. There are moments when I've been at odds with myself, trying to decide if education was what I really wanted to do, or if I should gravitate back towards being an artist in some capacity since educating others has taken me away from this.

I think with everything that's going on, with the crisis we have in our country concerning the dumbing down of generations, that the truly humanitarian and patriotic thing to do, is to stay on this path and do everything I can to help with re-educating our nation.

Let's not to wait for Superman, whatever that means, to get things going in the right track. Let's teach others how to be supermen and superwomen.

Strive for personal excellence in everything you do brothers and sisters, and pass that commitment on. Encourage kids to make themselves a little better and brighter with every day, and soon we can turn the dumbing down of our people around.

Fight dumbing down. Let's smarten up. And we can use animation for that purpose. Animation is the perfect medium for it.

Smarten up.

Here's the trailer for the upcoming film. You can also you go its website for more info.


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