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Finding Mr. Banks /Tom Hanks as Walt Disney Trailer online

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Finding Mr. Banks /Tom Hanks as Walt Disney Trailer online

Postby Miracle » Thu Jul 11, 2013 2:37 pm

Hello all Animation Nationers,
For anyone who loves all things Disney, I encourage you to look online for the latest movie trailer for Disney's upcoming 2013 Christmas release, Finding Mr. Banks.

The very first trailer for this highly anticipated movie is now(in only the last few hours) online and I am sure Charles will find the appropriate link for everyone to "click".

The storyline is familiar to those who know anything about Disney's beloved movie Mary Poppins. Poppin's started as a series of children's books. When Walt Disney's daughters were very young, they loved the Poppin's books. Walt made a promise to his children that one day, he would make Poppin's into a movie. It took many years for Disney to secure the rights to the book, written by English author P.L. Travers, and this movie will tell the story of the struggle to make Poppins into what many consider to be, Disney's Crowne Jewel.

If you look at the trailer, you will see some great moments including 2 actors portraying the Sherman Brother's famous songwriting duo.

The film makers brought their cameras to shoot at a re-decorated(1960's style) Disneyland for a portion of the film where Walt tried to do everything he could to try to persuade Travers to allow him to make the Movie. The story goes that Traver's was antagonistic towards most of the production concepts, songs, and especially the 2D animation used in the memorable fantasy sequence where Poppins and crew enter a chalk sidewalk painting.

Notable in this production is that this is the first major movie where an actor has played the part of Walt Disney.Walt's image has been well gaurded indeed.

In talking to an insider who was present on location and conversed with Mr. Hanks, Disney Studios will not be showing the Walt Disney that was so well known by his staff for one key habit. Walt was a heavy smoker and had a distinctive smoker's cough. That part was not to be , but interviews of Hanks indicate that Hanks wanted to do all else he could to capture the essence of this famous man.

Enjoy the trailer. The movie is currently scheduled to hit theatres this Decmeber 13.
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Re: Finding Mr. Banks /Tom Hanks as Walt Disney Trailer onli

Postby Charles » Thu Jul 11, 2013 7:20 pm

Thanks for the heads up Tom.

Here's the trailer...


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