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The pursuit of Happiness

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The pursuit of Happiness

Postby Charles » Sat Jul 06, 2013 9:32 am

I see a lot of unhappiness around me lately. The farther we progress on the space time continuum the more unsettled, uneasy and unsatisfied it seems people are becoming.

I find the solution to what's missing from people's lives, in part, is the lack of some sort of creative endeavor. I believe that creativity is at the core of the universe. All of existence is a constant creative explosion. Without creative productivity in our lives I feel we cannot find true happiness. It has to be there at least in part along with service to others. If you're absorbed in a self indulgent lifestyle and spend your days watching the world go by instead of actively involving yourself in life experience then your chances of finding happiness and fulfillment will not be as great as someone who is expressing themselves creatively every day.

Life is more than just existing. It's about pursuing things to the fullest and that includes creative self expression. Without it we're just waiting around instead of embracing all the good things that existence has to offer.

I see it in my students. Some of them are troubled but once they find themselves and begin to express their creative nature their lives change and they experience a greater meaning in things. A greater purpose to their lives and increased happiness and joy.

Find the time every day to do something personally creative. Whatever your art is. Embrace it and you'll feel better.

Wishing you happiness and joy and good things in your life. Bring a smile to others and you'll be smiling too.

Daily Z

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