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Curious as to the pay in the field of higher education?

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Curious as to the pay in the field of higher education?

Postby Charles » Fri Apr 12, 2013 10:12 am

There's many reason why the cost of a college / university education is so expensive. Salaries of those working in the field are among the contributing factors.

Here's a few links to a survey that shows what the pay is for a whole lot of categories in the area of higher education. One of the things that is quite evident is that the pay of a great many of these positions is considerably more than what someone would normally make in animation. Higher than union scale. Even the non-tenure categories are pretty darn good.

See that folks. Those that can, teach and they do a lot better than studio artists who get laid off when they've served their purpose.

Administrators in Higher Education Salaries
View the median salaries of 190 senior-level administrative positions.

Professionals in Higher Education Salaries (Mid-Level Administrators)
View the median salaries of 275 mid-level administrative positions.

Tenured/Tenure-Track Faculty Salaries
View the median salaries of 31 academic disciplines.

Non-Tenure-Track Teaching Faculty and Researchers Salaries
View the median salaries of nine academic disciplines.

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