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Givers at the top - Givers at the bottom

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Givers at the top - Givers at the bottom

Postby Charles » Tue Apr 09, 2013 12:21 pm

Here's an article entitled...

The Secret to Success Is Giving, Not Taking

I've heard that before from just about every mega success guru and self help how to make it book I've ever encountered.

And they're right! One of the secrets to super success is in giving. But reading further into this article / interview the following observation is made...


Cook: But aren’t some people who give a lot genuinely taken advantage of? Don’t they end up exhausted?

Grant: This is the sharper edge of generosity: I found that the salespeople with the lowest revenue were also passionate about helping coworkers and customers. In fact, across a number of jobs, givers were overrepresented at the top and the bottom of various success metrics. Some of the generous salespeople were exploited by coworkers who stole their customers, others spent too much time with individual customers to be productive, and many just burned themselves out.


Does this strike a chord with anyone?

I've always wondered why many of the givers I know struggle, but at the same time, I know givers who get more coming back to them than what goes out.

They continue...


Cook: Being a “giver” is a gamble, then, isn’t it? How do you guarantee that you end up being one the successful givers, and not among the legions of the burnt out?

Grant: I see it less as a gamble, and more as a question of strategy. Ultimately, the biggest difference between the givers who rise to the top and those who sink to the bottom is the boundaries that they set. Givers who burn out consistently put the interests of others ahead of their own, sacrificing their energy and time and undermining their ability to give in the long run. Those who maintain success are careful to balance concern for others with their own interests. Instead of helping all of the people all of the time, they help many of the people much of the time. They’re careful to give in ways that are high benefit to others but not exceedingly costly to themselves.


The key is in balance and using common sense. If you give away the baby with the bath water then you wind up with no baby and no bath water.

Use your head and don't undermine yourself. That way you can help many more people with your generosity than just a few who will take you for all you've got.

Here's the article in full... ... 00667.html

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