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SPOTLIGHT: The Mill LA, Their VFX on CROSSFIRE and More

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SPOTLIGHT: The Mill LA, Their VFX on CROSSFIRE and More

Postby EAllen » Sat Sep 18, 2010 2:26 pm

Today I've decided to spotlight not only a post-house but a key work in particular, The Mill's (Los Angeles branch) thrilling work on the Crossfire music video for Brandon Flowers (lead singer for the band The Killers), the song representing Flowers's solo effort--as well as the video, of course.



CROSSFIRE music video--

Some substantial particle work and wire removal were in order as well as projectile detail work, such as flying ninja star weapons, with Flame being the primary tool as usual for this stuff. Mill veteran Andy Bate was lead Flame artist.

The Mill is one of the most accomplished VFX post-houses that has ever existed. They saved Gladiator when Oliver Reed unexpectedly passed away by CGI'ing a representation of his head onto a double to complete his part. To this day, I can't tell the difference (and I can point out shots in films that obviously cut corners due to production and post deadlines--looking at you FF4:Rise of the Silver Surfer, or that lady that moved in the air almost horizontally, revealing almost explicitly a path constraint, after Kong tossed her in the Times Square rampage sequence of the 2005 King Kong).

Since I'm lazy, I'm gonna link to the company site rather than go through the list of film & TV projects they were involved in. The list is longer than the end credits for Avatar and not all of it can actually be found on the company website!
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