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Póstumo Zombie playing cards, HUGE KICKSTARTER SUCCESS

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Póstumo Zombie playing cards, HUGE KICKSTARTER SUCCESS

Postby SNAKEBITE » Thu Mar 14, 2013 5:54 pm

This cat was asking for $1000! and got just under 40k!!!! For playing cards!

I've been studying these Kickstarter campaigns and what makes a successful one. There is a formula. Or formulas. What I see for ones who are really successful is their incentives. This particular incentive program is $1-$2 increments. Each increment being a specific incentive, but only slightly different then the one before..and they limit how many people can buy each increment creating a buzz of exclusivity. Good sht! check it, with only 1200 backers give or take!

Póstumo ... ref=search

people love their zombies.hahahaha why? I dunno. but there other aspect is the hook. This one is strong. Zombies. But hooks are not necessarily needed. If you got a fan base of 300-1000 people thats all you need to be VERY successful!
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