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AN Video - Blacklisting in Animation?

Share your views on the state of the Animation Industry.

AN Video - Blacklisting in Animation?

Postby Charles » Fri Mar 08, 2013 11:42 pm

Do you think that the animation industry blacklists?

How about Hollywood?

Are you really getting the full story?

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Daily Z

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Re: AN Video - Blacklisting in Animation?

Postby SNAKEBITE » Sat Mar 09, 2013 12:31 am


..and yes, yes I do...
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Re: AN Video - Blacklisting in Animation?

Postby Greg B » Sat Mar 09, 2013 8:18 pm

Very funny and more creative video than usual Charles. I see you're getting the hang of the power of video. I'd like to see an AN banner in the background that covers the space on the screen though.

Blacklisting is common in every industry. An interesting story goes back many years when I thought myself and a colleague were being discriminated against because of our race. Being in mainstream journalism at the time I had the advantage of having some fellow reporters dig into the company, one we're all familiar with here. We had friends in the Dept. of Justice and FBI look too. Then one day one of the top editors called me down to the office. He had a smile on his face and told me what the real reason was for the problems my friend and I had with this particular corporation.

Yes, we were being discriminated against, however it may have been racial to a degree but overwhelmingly the main point of discrimination was:

We were honest.

Yep, neither of us had criminal records nor listed reprimands in our work history. Clean histories and the corporation in question was rife with all sorts of criminal nonsense. It can happen that way. People doing things they shouldn't and will only hire people they feel will keep their evil deeds under wraps.

Eventually the people involved got busted over the years that proved us out but it taught us a lesson, blacklisting can come in many forms and not always for the reasons we assume. Sometimes a creepy person at a company won't like your favorite sports team or political views or religion. They might not like any number of things about you. On the other hand, blacklisting is a major liability if found out and in the corporate world it's often the source of blackmail/extortion when others find that blacklist.

Even if the government finds out about a blacklist they rarely move on it. It's a sticky private industry thing they don't care about unless it affects their operations. Oh they'll notify you if they need your help in busting someone they need busted but if it's you, you're on your own to discover what they know.
Greg B
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Re: AN Video - Blacklisting in Animation?

Postby Charles » Sat Mar 09, 2013 9:52 pm

Thanks Greg. Yes I am enjoying myself! :D Getting looser and having more fun. Video is great! I have a lot of ideas now for unusual content. I was really intimidated by the medium at the beginning. It's been a month since I started posting these. My confidence is building and I plan on recording more from here on out.

Blacklisting is much more subtle in the animation biz in Hollywood. Biggest culprits are your own peers I'm sorry to say. One of the reasons why this community stays weak and we're not respected by what I guess is the mainstream industry if there is such a thing anymore.

If you're in the studio environment it's one of the many aspects of professional immaturity that abounds. Spent about an hour on the phone this evening talking with a friend who works in a studio. I tried getting his head wrapped around the idea of creating your own project and crowdfunding it. Complaints and burnout and unhappiness. JEEZ! That's all I ever hear from these guys!

I don't mind being a sounding board for a friend but it's perpetual with the studio scene! There has to be people happy with their jobs somewhere. If not then do your own thing man! That's where salvation lies besides turning to the Great Spirit for deliverance.

Anyway, be careful cuz you could be the next one out if you're not watching what you say in a studio.

A lovely industry and community isn't it? ;)

Keep Creating! 8-)

Daily Z

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