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RUSH ZONE: What in The F. . .

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RUSH ZONE: What in The F. . .

Postby EAllen » Mon Sep 13, 2010 8:15 pm


Rush Zone: Guardians of the Core, in addition to having an utterly generic title, strikes me as one of the most obvious product-or-franchise-brand placement ventures in years. I mean, these guys couldn't have toned down the selling at least a little bit? Did it have to be sooooooooo obvious that this series is one extended commercial for the NFL, for kids?

Lest I sound too harsh, for those of you who may have worked on the show (and may read this) you guys are to be commended for your restraint. And please don't take this personally. But, in the first episode I saw, I see Ish (Ishmael) (the boy heroine, for those who haven't cringed their way through this yet) play a game system older than I am, enter scores bearing fonts that look at home on a video game museum site, probably a Namco museum website, then get messages from this mysterious figure who informs him of his "Chosen One" status. Ish is sucked into this quest to retrieve thirty-two shards (I already forgot what they were) just so they can form some kind of object which will . . . save the human race. I dunno.


So there it is in a nutshell.

Some funny-looking characters, including this guy Bolt who serves as Ish's walking-talking GPS for getting to the finish line for all these adventures, and some other guys I haven't bothered to mention. The design work is stellar, however, the flash animation is a bit stilted with characters posing far more often than actually moving with fluidity, but again, for a brand indoctrination/cash grab project such as this, the animation is as good as it needs to be.

Again, those who read this and worked on this are gonna know, I hope, as to why I finished an episode of Rush Zone feeling exasperated. Because I know that even though its sole purpose for existence is to introduce youngsters to the importance of the NFL brand and merchandise, it still could've been better as a whole. The plot is so bats#!t crazy, what little plot there is in any case, there is no attempt to elaborate upon just why the audience aren't the least bit concerned that the "half-time game show" they're watching is actually a thinly-veiled battle in progress for world (or maybe brand) domination. Nor did I expect a monologue on this, but something, anything would've been nice.

But again, liked the vibrant design work!
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