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Moving Towards OBLIVION

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Moving Towards OBLIVION

Postby EAllen » Sun Sep 12, 2010 7:47 pm


Not much has been written about what Joseph Kosinski expected to be his first film, Oblivion, adapted from his soon-to-appear-on-bookshelves graphic novel. William Monahan was recently saddled with the scribe duties. Instead (contingent upon how fast another big film, The Black Hole moves into production), Kosinski will have to settle for this being a second project.

I wanted to feature this here because this appears to me to be a concept sold entirely on its stark, impressionistic post-apocalyptic visuals. It reminded me of Killzone, Bio-Shock and Mass Effect rolled into one and plopped into WALL-E's wasteland-on-Earth environs. And it's yet another example of the role visual effects play even at the concept-pitching stage. When Kosinski first presented the concept to several interested studio parties, Disney included, it was little more than a cool-looking concept. Now that Kosinski has completed and submitted his treatment to his writers, a richer universe should soon emerge forth.


We should have more to talk about over the following weeks as more Oblivion-in-development news emerges.
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