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Transmedia, Crowdfunding and Self Sustaining Independents

Share your views on the state of the Animation Industry.

Transmedia, Crowdfunding and Self Sustaining Independents

Postby SNAKEBITE » Sat Dec 29, 2012 4:49 pm

My life has totally evolved in the last couple years. I learned a lot of lessons and gathered a lot of valuable information in the course of my 20 years working in this art business thing. I'm blessed to still be doing what I do and to have the same passion, if not much much more, as when I originally stepped foot into this arena.

I know, no doubt, that my general stance in ethics and aesthetics is stronger then ever before. I didn't let the obstacles burn me out.I still desire
to design my life.

I must admit I went through many doubts in those two decades. I am no different then any of you. I have my insecurities but these days they work for me. hahahaha

But the playing field now, is exactly where I knew it would be. I know some can relate when i say what sucks about being ahead of the pack is it can sometimes get you a little behind...but if you hold strong you can end up lapping those mutha fuckas! hahaha

I'm SUPER excited about this time coming into 2013...the big companies are complaining about not being able to make profits off these new platforms, lowering pay everything rises in the reality has always been as I knew way back when I first started, because I was able to work with the top players, which revealed this one thing....the demand FAR OUT WEIGHS the supply...I don't need them. was at the forefront of this conversation and proactive positioning since early on. Pioneers. Now its the perfect platform for this new stage of the independent economies being established in animation. And I see how it's become the catalyst for so much of that evolution.

What we do as story tellers has never been so important to our sustainable personal stories. We are the bridge builders to the new frontier and the crowd wants to hear from us. Because they too are sick of the old gate keepers. The mind numb-ers...

Now more then ever it's our constant creating which will be the vehicles to our movement. KEEP CREATING was the best vernacular that could of left your lips into the universe in the last decade cuz now you're positioned for this opportunity.

What we do builds empires. What we do fuels all platforms. What we do sustains life. And now we dont have to believe we're not worth sharing in that prosperity. We don't have to believe that we're work for hire slaves who need "help" as we grow old.We work now so our older age doesn't have to be so much about struggle. We all deserve it and there is enough to go around. We no longer have to swallow the lies about our personal power.

Believe me when I say I have to fight to keep in this mind set. I have had many challenges in my path. And just recently some dark times. But I knew it was dark because there was light to remind me the difference. It's a process to believe in yourself, but now is the time...since the time when we forgot who we are, now is the time to remember.

It will be the most work we ever do. But the most rewarding as well. I'm inspired by all the creators around me and they are inspired by me. Refueling stations to keep it movin...collaboration is key and every thing seems to be in line through our beautiful internets..Embrace this time. Don't fear the competition. There is none other then yourself.

Believe in yourself, master intent...and most importantly, KEEP CREATING!

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