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LA Insanes

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LA Insanes

Postby Charles » Fri Nov 30, 2012 12:09 am

If I were to name a new sports team in Los Angeles I think I'd call them the Out-of-our-friggen-minds.

Next on my list would be the weasels. The crazy weasels. This town is full of both.

So many people in Los Angeles are mentally ill that insanity is looked upon as the norm. Somewhere along the line they lost it. People in this town can't resolve issues rationally and courteously and with common sense. That's why there's more lawsuits per capita in LA than any other major city in the United States.

It's not trendy to be a human being. :D

Maybe it's the drugs, or all the people who grew up in broken families, the poor education, the Hollywood vibe, the worship of materialism, the warped values, whatever it is, you really gotta dig to build a community of level headed people.

Of course nice folks are here, but there's more than a fair share of mean spirited basket cases. I recently returned from a trip to the heartland of the US. What a contrast in behavior. You really need love in your heart and patience to mentally survive in LA.

Los Angeles is fun with the studios and all, and it's exciting to be around the center of the animation scene with so many talented people. But it's an oasis in a desert of sick minds. I don't blame people at all for looking to get production work done in remote locations. Anything to get away from here for even a little while.

Anyway, I'll feel better about it tomorrow. Just been one of those days. ;)

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