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Postby EAllen » Thu Sep 09, 2010 10:21 am


Well, at this point at least the writing team has been established for this show which will premiere Fall 2011 on Disney XD (rumor has it the premiere date has been pushed back to sometime 2012, but until the majority of animation sites reflect this, I will stick to writing the initial publicized date here). Paul Dini will script the pilot with Ben 10 creators Man of Action handling core episodic scripting duties. Brian Bendis is also involved as a consulting producer, but he will be mainly on the periphery going forward.

I will not regurgitate what has already been written on countless comics sites (the primary material for those posts--including this one--are derived from the interview MTV SplashPage did with Dini and the various press releases . . . that's pretty much all the core info, plus some tangential material on artist's blogs, we have on this at this date), but will now insert my viewpoint here. The previous Greg Weisman-helmed Spidey series, which got a two-season run, was ended with even less fanfare than the 90's Spiderman series (which, unusually, got a well-promoted two-part finale replete with an animated Stan Lee excursion through the city in Part II--a send-off few other animated series has ever received), with the season's closing ep becoming the series finale upon the announcement of the new series. Which as Dini has already reported, will be drastically different in tone.


The fan-bashing has already begun, but I will await the release of more character designs and story details, as those are still pretty much in the conceptual stage at this point. I imagine progress is pretty rapid at this point, as the series premiere is a little more than one year away at this point.

Even if this ends up being a "letdown", which would be another way of saying "not as I would have envisioned it", I will watch anything Paul Dini's involved with. And I mean anything! I'm not alone in believing that he's a national treasure.
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