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Powercon / Thundercon LA 2012 - Great weekend

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Powercon / Thundercon LA 2012 - Great weekend

Postby Charles » Sun Sep 23, 2012 5:44 pm

Spent Saturday night and Sunday afternoon at the Marriott in Torrance, California just south of LA proper, for the annual He-Man She-Ra Filmation Mattel Thundercats PowerCon.

Got to see Rob Lamb from the AN Forums and also from the old days at Filmation. There was a nice dinner event for guests and visitors on Saturday night and then Sunday afternoon I was on a panel all by myself! Yes indeed! It was the Character Design panel and everyone there had a great time! Had fun telling history, sharing my views on things and putting on a show which included presenting some very rare never before seen art from the origin of He-Man and She-Ra.

I learned a lot today.

There's a market for original art for He-Man and She-Ra. When I got there and checked in last night, the first thing I encountered was someone purchasing an ink line illustration of one of the He-Man characters. It was a character I designed in 1984 for one episode of He-Man and he has a cult following!

Blew my mind! 8-)

Time to start doing this for myself. ;)

I could get into drawing He-Man again. She-Ra too. I was there at the beginning if it all. Makes sense to have some fun coming up with new stuff.

Plus I have a big inventory of original art from back then. Time for a new scanner! :D

Had a good time. Thank you PowerCon and The Power and the Honor Foundation!

Daily Z

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Re: Powercon / Thundercon LA 2012 - Great weekend !!!

Postby Rob Lamb » Wed Sep 26, 2012 7:25 am

Charles, it was great seeing you again. By Saturday night I was already on sensory overload which is why it took me a bit to recognize you. I was on 2 Filmation panels and signings but the banquet was a highlight for me. I'm glad you found me and we were able to chat a bit. I looked for you Sunday, but it was crazy busy with 2 more panels and signings. I would have enjoyed talking with you longer.

I reconnected with board artists Egidio "Vic" DalChele, Tom Sito, Gary Goldstein, Mike Swanigan, Larry Houston and writers Larry DiTillio, Marc Zicree, Chris Weber, Karen Willson, Francis Moss and Rowby Goren. It was a bittersweet reunion. Only a few are still in the animation business and I heard about the age factor inhibiting employment. Also, storyboards on paper seem to have gone the way of the typewriter. We all have a greater appreciation for what we experienced at Filmation with all the production under 1 roof (or 3 roofs really). The current production climate is not one I would enjoy working in, from what I hear.

You're right about the interest in He-man artwork. I am amazed at the volume of newly created MOTU art. I brought a suitcase full of cels and animation drawings I had rescued from Filmation's dumpster back in the day. Sold some to fans but most to the Power & Honor foundation. I also sold and signed copies of my scripts and boards.

The fans were great. Many wanted their picture taken with me and the other writers and board artists. Several expressed the profound impact the show had on their young lives. There have been many cartoon shows and toys, but He-Man & She-Ra were the right combination of toys and stories at the right time that has somehow resonated with this generation in ways that other shows haven't.

Overall, it is very gratifying to hear such praise and affection for the work we did 30 years ago. It was well worth the trip.
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