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Awesome animation events at the Samuel Goldwyin Theater

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Awesome animation events at the Samuel Goldwyin Theater

Postby Greg B » Sun Aug 22, 2010 12:03 am

This past week I had one of the best times ever in Los Angeles as there has been an ongoing tribute to animation at the Academy Awards Samuel Goldwyn Theater.

An ongoing Chuck Jones tribute with original art. A tribute to Ray Harryhausen with original art. Two events, one dedicated to voice talent featuring June Foray live with a stellar panel of voice artists and the next night a major tribute to Chuck Jones with 9 of his films shown back to back on a big ass 40ft wide screen in 35mm.

Both nights the place was packed. A couple thousand people easy and Chuck Jones' event was sold out. You could go up and shake hands with many of animation's top stars and we had a blast. I mean a real great time! I got to sit in an audience of people who were still laughing at June Foray's jokes and voices and Chuck Jones' cartoons. There was a spectacular video showing never before seen Walt Disney doing voice work on a Mickey feature. This video also showed the live talent and how the animators incorporated the live talent into their character animation. I would have paid phat money to see this video and hope it comes out on DVD.

There were people at the event as young as 2 years old to 100 years old. It was better than going to a theme park and the exhibitions are free and the two events only cost $5. I would have paid ten times that much.

I met many people in the industry and got first time handshakes with folks I've come to know here on AN.

Charles, you should have been there. AN got much respect when I mentioned it to people.

This whole week has been neat for animation in my neck of the woods. Just found out tonight my pal Matt Senreich of "Robot Chicken" got himself another Emmy Award! Tomorrow night is another "Cartoon Dump" show. This summer has definitely inspired me to keep on keeping on as an artist.

If you can, get to the exhibit at the Samuel Goldwyn Theater before it closes Sunday the 22nd.
Greg B
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Re: Awesome animation events at the Samuel Goldwyin Theater

Postby EAllen » Sun Aug 22, 2010 11:56 am

Wish I could make that one, Greg. Nothing I can say would accurately convey the intensity of that desire.

However, for right now I'm gonna have to settle for reading and re-reading your account of that night, the details of which naturally had me salivating. I know the day is coming when I won't need to miss too many of those particular nights.
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