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DC Comics: New Talent Compensation for Digital Media

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DC Comics: New Talent Compensation for Digital Media

Postby SNAKEBITE » Fri Jul 16, 2010 3:28 pm

So I got a letter in the mail the other day from DC Comics addressing new "talent compensation" with the digital medium.

For those who have followed my past issues with DC Comics and their lack of digital colorists/painter royalties (the only members of the creative team who do not receive royalties), you know how disgusted I am with their attitudes towards an aspect of comics that changed the industry.

Well, I heard they were addressing that and with this new "talent compensation" for the digital publications it would be a perfect time to address said issue.

Of course, instead, they decide NOT to address the issue and send out hundreds of letters to the "talent" to basically say everyone gets additional royalties (around 3 percent more)...Everyone except digital colorists / Painters.

Thumbs up DC Comics. You basically said the digital colorists / painters are not considered talent and they don't deserve anything other then their 20 year old pay rates. Outstanding! Way to go! So progressive!

All kidding aside, DC gets a big ol thumbs down. How disgusting that letter was and how insulting. And quite frankly the whole community gets a thumbs down for letting this happen. Pencilers, writers, inkers, colorists. You should all be making a stink over this. THis is outrageous and total bullsht.

Keep in mind coloring comics is just one small part of what I do. I am not a full time comic colorist and I don't depend on that industry for anything except occasionally working with a dope artist.

But I did get my start doing that and I still have a connection with that community and I know how much colorists changed the game and look of comics. So to see them treated with such disregard from a huge company like DC just move me in a way to call it out.

Coloring comics is a lot of work. Hell, a comic is a major investment of ones time for bullsht pay. Especially when we keep these companies intellectual properties alive and allow them to profit off those ideas in other ways we don't see a dime from.

Just like animation the comic community doesn't have a sense of unity. Everyone is out to get theres and doesn't really care how other people are treated as long as the boat is not rocked...which keeps them divided and conquered. People will complain on the side but only a few of us put their heads on the chopping block to challenge the authority that keeps only some rich while the rest work ass for pennies.

But since I haven't relied on comics for much of anything these days, including artistic satisfaction, I feel no hesitation to call a spade a spade.

I would encourage all creators to get away from the system. Only a very small percentage of people ever retire from a system like that. Much like animation. The game is changing all the time and the big boys are no longer the end all be all of ones career...well, hasn't been for a long time but now its really starting to reveal itself for what it truly is...slavery.

I hear from a lot of my peers that I'm smug and should be happy with any offer considering todays economy...and I would agree if I saw that todays economy was affecting animation and comics...but its not. Sales are low because of the same people who make decisions like not paying colorists royalties while they collect nice bonuses. If anything these people should justify their income because they keep making the same decisions and the same books and wonder why their sales are down while concluding they should pay us less.

So keep doing what you do and keep getting what you get. I for one am making no moves to work for any of these guys ever again. They plague the industry with mediocrity and they plague the minds of creators with thoughts that they are not worth more.

You are the industry. You make it. You build it and the industry works for you since you make it money. These gate keepers are mean spirited and do not have your best interests in mind at all. Of course there are exceptions to the rule and for them I am not talking about. But for the most part the editors and executives have bad attitudes and do not appreciate the talent that allows them to collect a pay check. They are bullies and will fire you if you speak your mind...or just won't call you anymore because they are overly sensitive and passive aggressive.

I for one do not tippy toe in my own stomping grounds and we have to clean house as a creative community. This song is getting old. The only way out is on your own two feet. Life is about choices. Choose to participate and perpetuate the lie or make your own reality.
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Re: DC Comics: New Talent Compensation for Digital Media

Postby palmtree » Sat Jul 17, 2010 3:38 pm

I envey you even being in the feild of dc comics Heck I wish even one of them would even look at me once. When I was young I was mostly into the sonic the hedgehog serise released by archie but after a while I think it was issue 78 or so I was feed up with all of the artwork they were doing. these comics were a one of my first refeances to draw and tought me a great deal of how to draw on my own. However even after so many years and some much time of trying I have yet to even talk to someone from the company. heck if I could make minamume wage to work there for dc or even any of the big three (dc, marvel, and archie) I would consider it a dream come true. the only professional animator I have ever met was greg wittmen crwater of the tv serice and comics gargoyles however I was in such a hurry to meet him and get back to do clean the room for departure I forgot my work in the room and I have regreated it for years now I still have yet to find someone from a name brand company to even blink an eye at me. Anime central is the only conventionm I have been able to go to and the past 2 years I got the passes but didn't have the money to go and when I was working at the grand canyon last year I was invited by a friend who was going to comic con however I have lost contact with him.

All I can say is if I could get payed for doing what I love it a bonus I wish I could do what you do but here am looking for a job after being unemployed for 8 monthes scamed out of 2900.00 and trying to no avale to find a school in which I can afford.

I feel that you should feel lucky you are living my dream as much as I want to I just can't seem to achive anything.

I even emailoed dc comics a while ago saying I had a dream in which might be a good batman story line with the jocker as the main villion but they didn't even respond they could have just sent a we are not interested email. I am sorry for rambling but you see you seem to be living my dream of a comicbook artist and I can't seem to get my feet wet I wish I could find a way to make it work but I am suck do you have any suggestuons
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