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The artist uprising you're not going to hear about...

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The artist uprising you're not going to hear about...

Postby Charles » Wed Feb 23, 2011 5:01 pm

... except on AnimationNation.

It's a tough world in animation, and there's so many priorities.

The Animation Guild is busy making sure that the latest box office returns about movies that've been recently released are updated on their blog. You know, stuff you can find on

The fanboy critics are busy posting their latest pictures of toys and old books.

That sort of thing.

But tucked away in a major union studio, where a crew of artists were being worked to the point of ill health, uncompensated overtime, working over the weekend, only to have the extra work they did tossed out because a monkey executive changed their mind and didn't want to use it afterall...

Well, one artist had enough and made a stand by confronting the situation.

Labeled as a bad seed, he was on the verge of getting canned, when lo and behold, the entire crew of the show, all of whom had been dealing with the same or similar abuse, they all came together and made a united front.

Know what happened?

The abuse and the destructive things that were happening came to an end. Nobody was fired, the problems were addressed and the show got back on track.

That's the kind of results you get when artists unite.

The union didn't do it, but a united group of animation artists did.

Congrats guys, thanks for the inspiration, and I hope that you continue with something more along the lines of a normal life.

Daily Z

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Re: The artist uprising you're not going to hear about...

Postby paburrows » Fri Feb 25, 2011 2:15 pm

The Union Blog talked about this incident without naming names yesterday.
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Re: The artist uprising you're not going to hear about...

Postby Charles » Fri Feb 25, 2011 4:10 pm

The situation has been going on for a long time. The artists got together and resolved it from what I'm told, or at least got the worst of it to stop.

I'm sure the Guild was aware of it, and after it's addressed on AN, that's when it becomes something for them to deal with I guess and an issue on their blog.

The Guild is lame, I'm sorry to say. Not necessarily the rank and file, but the ones who are on the payroll to do something about these situations but they don't. They let it go on and on until it becomes a public embarrassment for them.

They put more effort into taking AN's link off of their blog then they do about protecting the interests of their members.

Think about this folks. As long as AN has been around, 12 years to this day, and all the goodwill and support we've given in the effort to empower the Guild, even though we come from a position of independence, and it means nothing to them. All the years they had our link up there, and then took it off because I gave a bad report on the forums about the behavior of their business rep from what I witnessed at a Guild meeting I attended.

This is the union of the animation industry.

Hopefully, the actions of this group of artists serves as motivation for other artists who are experiencing similar difficulties.

It's not only abuse within the studios you have to fight, guys.

When we're united we're strong.

Daily Z

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