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It's only a cartoon...

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It's only a cartoon...

Postby Charles » Thu Jan 20, 2011 10:51 pm

... Or is it?

I remember back in the early days of my career in animation. At the studio I was at, things got heated up at times, and when the pressure was on, one of the artists there would unroll a huge banner he made and hang it across the upper floor railing. We'd laugh, get centered and it would calm everyone down.

The sign read...

"It's only a cartoon".

I wish it was all that simple. Maybe it was back then, but cartoons and the world of animation is so complex and involved today, I don't think it's possible to look at it all as just a cartoon. Maybe it wasn't fully possible back then either, but it was easier to see it in that context.

I made some rounds recently and caught up on what some of the animation critic they don't draw bloggers had to say about art and it's confounding. These guys were once on AN, were virtually impossible to get along with because of their attitudes, entrenched opinions about cartoons and animation in general, and now they think on their end of things that an open and honest dialogue in animation is going on.

Well okay, but it's only a cartoon.

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