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A Tale of Two Kitties...

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A Tale of Two Kitties...

Postby Charles » Thu Jan 20, 2011 11:56 am

And the first appearance of the character that would become Tweety Bird.

From 1942, the cats are caricatures of Abbott and Costello, a popular comedy team of that time.


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Re: A Tale of Two Kitties...

Postby sorryguyz » Thu Jan 20, 2011 5:24 pm

my best friend is Russian. Once i was with him and we went somewhere to meet up with his old childhood friend, also Russian. the old friend went down a so-so path in life and veered more toward being a hard-*ss/gangster while living in l.a. and back in the rough parts of the motherland. He had developed a pseudo tough persona (like many do). When talking with him he said something like "you know what i do if i'm feeling down, just watch some looney tunes. Those cartoons are hilarious"

Even fake gangsters love the classics. That's what i call mass appeal.

Also when searching for some of the classics via google I've noticed a lot of them are uploaded on foreign sites. Another example of how visual humor/storytelling slapstick is pretty universal. You don't need to know what Tweety is saying even though it's funny, as long as you see him giving the cats a hard time. The power of cartoons.
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