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my latest video

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my latest video

Postby Danny508 » Fri Aug 17, 2012 9:54 am

this is my latest short film. even my short films follow along with my animated series. this is one of four that will be used for a transitional DVD between my last & current full length movie. if youre not familiar with my stories (which i dont think anyone here is)then it may not make any sense, but i just thought that some may like watchin it. thanks

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Re: my latest video

Postby Charles » Sat Aug 18, 2012 2:41 pm

Wow that was different. Strange and intense. I remember you posted your movie before. You learned how to animate on your own as I recall. What's the motivation behind the story in this film?

Daily Z

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Re: my latest video

Postby Danny508 » Sun Aug 19, 2012 5:39 am

hi Charles,
Yes i learned on my own and I am still learning!
In fact i did that short, not only to follow the story, but to practice certain things. the major thing i wanted to learn was how to simulate a "panning" camera effect, and animate birds differently.
I really don't know how to "animate" as the pro's do. all i do is move image layers around. i read a lot of posts in various animation forums and don't even know what anyones talking about lol.

Along with following the story of the whole series, the motivation behind this short film, like many of my videos, is a highly exaggerated depiction of a few real life events, and also addresses a type of personality some people have which can be very annoying. people who constantly expect things from you yet never appreciate any of it.

the big monster at the end usually comes around during most of the films to get rid of all the selfish people.

but mainly the purpose was so i could try out a few things i never tried before. different ways of shading, shadows, more realistic movements, smooth head turning and the birds coming out of the tree. i am happy with it but there are still a lot of things i want learn to do more efficiently.

btw, after learning who you were,and what you've worked on, i felt kinda um.. silly for posting my movie trailer here lol.
HE MAN?????!!!!!! i used to lay on the rug and watch that constantly when i was little lol!!
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