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Animation Nation Event SPBH Video & San Diego Comic Con

Showcase your drawings, illustrations, video and media.

Animation Nation Event SPBH Video & San Diego Comic Con

Postby SupaTurtle » Mon Jul 18, 2011 11:21 pm

I finally got around to editing the footage I shot at the open night at Animation Nation last month. Unfortunately my battery died in my camera so I didn't get all of it...however above is a small taste of it. Thanks again to Charles for letting us share our Supa Pirate Booty Hunt Story!

Check out this video blog of us promoting at the Rockstar Mayhem Festival, which is this huge METAL festival. We were at the Music Saves Lives booth to help get awareness of this awesome non profit that we are producing animated PSA using SPBH characters.

I went out on the Vans Warped Tour for three dates in a row to do a comic book signing at the Music Saves Lives booth. For those who don't know, we turned our animated PSA into a comic book with 10,000 printed and given out on every date of the Vans Warped Tour and at Blood Centers through out the country for any young adult that donates blood.


Supa Pirate Booty Hunt will be having a booth at the world famous San Diego Comic Con 2011 at booth # 5532. We are on the red carpet area called ‘indie publishers pavilion.’ It’s against the wall between lobby b2 and c across from DC Comics. We are up against a wall, same as last years booth if you remember. We will have merch for sale including Tee-shirt, Tank Tops, Artwork, Daniel the Turtle figures, & SDCC Exclusive Daniel the Turtle necklace. We will also be giving out 1000 of our Supa Pirate Booty Hunt / Music Saves Lives comic book along with samples of WORX Energy Shots…for FREE! 200 will be given out a day. On Wednesday Preview night, it is the first 200 people who arrive at our booth. Thursday – Sunday, everyday at 2:00 PM, we will be giving out 200 comics & WORX Energy Shots. Each comics will be personally signed for you by SPBH creators Steve Sievers & Dahveed! Sign up for our email list and get your pic taken at our booth to be entered into a contest to be drawn into an upcoming Supa Pirate Booty Hunt animated episode. We will also be screening our animation and doing photo ops with our SPBH costumes everyday of the convention.

If you haven't seen our animation, check out all the episodes below, especially our animated PSA "Nurse Boobies Please" at the bottom for Music Saves Lives that features the band 3oh!3 and a 30 second version of it will be airing on TV Networks later this summer/fall. Check out our website for more details on SPBH


Steve Sievers
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