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South Tennessee Fingerton University Episode 1

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South Tennessee Fingerton University Episode 1

Postby Mijomerica » Sun Jan 23, 2011 7:49 am

Episode 1: Ashley

After learning that HEL House is throwing a free keg party, Watson insists on getting Mije drunk for the first time.
On the first day of class, Mije meets his evil Business 101 teacher, Professor Jizmitt. Mije also meets the girl of his drams, child psychology major, Ashley.
Dan and Watson give Mije grief for not directly asking Ashley out to the HEL House party, Mije reasoning he would see her there anyway. Dan and Watson then instruct Mije to acquire beer from Beecher Meat & Liquor, run by Dennis, the heavily tattooed, green haired former basketball player, wise old black man to whom Mije turns to for advice.
At the party, Mije, Dan and Watson meet the president of HEL House, Satan, who turns out to be nothing more than a drunken frat boy. Satan does enjoy a good time, but causes a random toga partier to burst into flames, on the grounds that the toga party is next week.
Mije is also disappointed to learn that Ashley already has a boyfriend, Bobby. Mije is depressed, and leaves the party. Dennis then reassures him that he doesn't need to be her boyfriend to be her friend.

Mije/Dennis..........Joe Mijal
Watson...............Blair McKenna
Dan..................Dan Minnis
Ashley...............Jacqui Bernhardt
Jizmit...............Richard Pontillo
Satan................Jordan Foster
Bobby................Adam Edmonds
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Re: South Tennessee Fingerton University Episode 1

Postby Charles » Sun Jan 23, 2011 10:51 am

Oh man, did this hit home! I lived it. The frat parties, beer pong, falling for the girl with a boyfriend already, and yes, Satan is a drunken bastard. Loved your film. Brought back a lot of great memories that maybe I'm better off forgetting. Big welcome to AN, Mijomerica.

Embedding the film if you don't mind.


Daily Z

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Re: South Tennessee Fingerton University Episode 1

Postby Mijomerica » Mon Jan 24, 2011 12:09 am

thanks for the kind words! it took me about six months to make this, learning how to do it as i was doing it. i've got about 50 episodes written for this show, and episode 2 should (hopefully) be out within the next month or so. and thank you for embedding, i'm trying to get as many people to see it as i can.
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