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This week's projects at - November 10 '10

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This week's projects at - November 10 '10

Postby Charles » Wed Nov 10, 2010 4:03 pm

Fans are in full force this week, banding around projects they're dying to see come to life. We've got a documentary about the legendary, rabble-rousing punk band the Mekons; an interactive fiction game for the iPhone; and an animated film based on Neil Gaiman's short story "The Price." Join the momentum!

A fan-made film

Christopher Salmon is adapting Neil Gaiman's beloved short story "The Price" into an animated film. Beautifully designed to look like a classic graphic novel, the project's already inspired hundreds of fans to support, and Neil himself narrates some early footage in the pitch video.


Adventures in text

Andrew Plotkin, an award-winning writer and veteran of the interactive fiction scene, is transporting the joy of old-school text adventures onto the iPhone. With Hadean Lands, he'll launch players into an immersive sci-fi world featuring clever wordplay, classic puzzles, and lots of alchemy. Dust off your calcinators and join the fun!


Here come the punks!

Art-punk collective the Mekons have been producing unfiltered, bombastic tunes for over three decades. The pioneering act has been at the front line of a host of major movements, revitalizing sub-genres like witty pranksters. Joe Angio's documentary Revenge of the Mekons, shot across three continents, captures the wanderlust of the band's 30-year career and hopes to premier at festivals next year.


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