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need talent for creating something amazing.

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need talent for creating something amazing.

Postby Jquinn » Sat Feb 01, 2014 7:42 pm

Crowd funded Studio? I have been asking around the community, not only on this thread, but others as well, and it seems that every one likes the idea of creating a studio that has a high level of involvement with its fans. To the point where the fans get to choose the projects they would like the studio to pursue. This content will be original IP's.
What will happen is a pitch will be created for each project that the “studio” or creative individuals are considering creating. This will then be presented to the community as the options for the community to choose which one they would rather see. From there, a kick starter campaign will be created to produce the money need for the projects budget. These films/ series will be released either on YouTube, or Vimeo, then eventually on hard copy or digital download for purchase.

What I am asking the community for is this:

I am an animator, a designer, a writer, a musician, a VFX guy, story board artist, and many other things. But, I can not create a series, or film to the quality I would want to deliver on by myself. I will need help. What I need is a group of artists from a specific pool of talent to be able to help me create exciting media to promote each individual IP to the community. During the time that this smaller amount of content will be created, the production pipeline needs to be finalized, and quotes from the individuals will need to generated and given to me so the estimated budget can be finalized.

Essentially, there will be no pay for the development of the media that will be pitched to the community, then once the project is funded every one who wishes to come on board will be paid according to an agreed upon rate for the project that will be proposed after every ones bids are in.

I know that everyone is going to come to this with numerous ideas for projects. I want to keep this simple, and down to 3 genres, and 3 different IP's for the first go. I have some material that I will share with people who are interested in this kind of online community.

The following qualifications needed are as follows:

After Effects
adobe premier
Speed grade
Music and sound design software.

Excellent fundamental drawing skills.
A keen eye for lighting
an understanding of art history, and composition. (not required, but preferred)
digital painting (not required, but would be helpful)
3D modeling and sculpting experience. Being able to retopo and paint your models would be a benefit.
People specializing in simulations like: water, hair, smoke, clothe, etc.
lighting specialists.
Matte painters.
Sound designers.
Character designers.
World designers.
Social media specialists
web page designers.

You may contact me directly at People who are interested will receive samples of the content that I am looking to develop for this initial go.

Any questions regarding this can be posted in the thread.
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