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Animator wanted for music video - Compensated project

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Animator wanted for music video - Compensated project

Postby Charles » Wed Sep 04, 2013 9:51 pm

Byrne Elliott Christmas Project©

Animation Video Needed

Client Need
Color animated video for a new Christmas song. The video would start out with an old fashion looking book on a leather covered or old wood desk. The front of the book would show the title of the Christmas song. The pages would then slowly open and segments of the song’s lyrics would be depicted at the bottom of the pages with corresponding animated and static graphics above. An estimated 10 – 16 book pages would be needed.

The opening page would be in black and white and show a family (parents and two children – boy and girl) inside of their home with expressions of sadness and distress. All of a sudden, they start hearing music and walk over to the frosted window to see a colorful parade of children. The family then opens the front door and sees their neighbors joining the parade. The family then walks outside and slowly joins the parade. The rest of the pages would show an outside setting with animated facial expressions of joy and happiness from children and parents.

Limited animation can be utilized to express shots like close ups and characters in a crowd with along static scenery. There would not be any dialogue in the video; only the song playing the background.

The computer animated video length will be 3 minutes and 30 seconds and would utilize Flash and Motion Graphics in 2D or 3D or other creative approaches. It will appear on YouTube, Vimeo etc.

Compensation... this is a paid opportunity!

Please submit quotes based on the Christmas Children Project description. Awarding of project will be based on quote and examples of past animation created.

Project Schedule/Deadline
1. Submit quote by September 17, 2013
2. Project Awarded on September 18th
3. MP3 of song provided September 19th
4. Animation video to be completed no later than October 17, 2013

Client will supply:
1. Song lyrics and MP3 of song (music and vocals)
2. General comments by page

Contact Information

Byrne Elliott

Daily Z

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Re: Animator wanted for music video - Compensated project

Postby AOStudios » Wed Jan 01, 2014 9:11 pm

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