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Finance - Distribution - Investors Seminar - LA - Nov 28 '12

Topics related to the business of animation.

Finance - Distribution - Investors Seminar - LA - Nov 28 '12

Postby Charles » Mon Nov 26, 2012 10:44 am

Dear Friends,

The L.A. chapter of the Institute for Int'l Film Financing is proud to present another IMPACTFUL GET-TOGETHER of the filmmaking and financal communities. Grab AFFORDABLY PRICED tickets at -

This is a partial summary of the WORLD-CLASS EXPERTS AND TIMELY TOPICS that have been confirmed (and reconfirmed) for Wednesday, November 28, 2012:

1. "PROPER CARE & FEEDING OF PRIVATE INVESTORS: Relationship Is Everything" -- by JOHN ALAN SIMON, Writer/Director of feature film "Radio Free Albemuth," based on Philip K. Dick novel, slated for 2013 release; Producer of Roger Donaldson's "The Getaway" (Philip S. Hoffman, Alec Baldwin, David Morse, Kim Basinger, Jennifer Tilly, James Woods); fmr. Staff Writer at New Orleans Times-Picayune; Chair of Film Learning Events Committee at BAFTA Los Angeles; etc.

2. "GLOBAL FILM DISTRIBUTION & MARKETING: Practical Advice in a Changing Landscape" -- by AVA B., President & CEO at House of Film, combines traditional & non-traditional distribution to optimize revenues; fmr. VP of Acquisitions & Sales at LongTale, negotiated acquisition deals; fmr. Director of Acquisitions at Cinequest Distribution & York Entertainment; fmr. Acquisitions Consultant at Jaman; fmr. VP of Acquisitions at Estonia's Kanal 2; etc.

3. "THE EVOLUTION OF MEDIA FINANCE: Lessons for Producers & Investors" -- by CHRIS FURE, Producer & Head of Development at Wonder Animation, produces animated family films in stereoscopic 3D; Director of Development at Abundant Seas Foundation; fmr. Partner & VP of Development at TransGlobal Ventures, active in China, Japan, Korea, Germany & Russia; fmr. Exec. Producer of musical act Sista Sista, opened for Michael Jackson on "History Tour"; etc.

Visit to learn more.

4. "KNOW YOUR CORE AUDIENCE: How to Get People to Pay for Your Feature" -- by BETSY CHASSE, internationally known filmmaker, author, blogger & radio host; Producer/Director & President at film distributor Intention Media, dedicated to purposeful entertainment achieving global change ("Quantum Activist," "Fuel," "2012: Time for Change," "Pregnant in America," "Ghetto Physics," "People v. The State of Illusion"); Writer/Director/Producer of spiritual indie hit "What the Bleep Do We Know?!" (Marlee Matlin); etc.

5. "THE PYRAMID: 21st Century Film Financing & Transmedia Asset Management" -- by OMAR KACZMARCZYK, veteran of 40 years in film production & distribution; Founder & Managing Director at IP asset manager LongTale Int'l; originated now-standard segmented film rights sales; consulted on 140+ co-productions & indies; helped finance "Superman" & sequels, "Supergirl," "Santa Claus," "Pirates" & "Screamers"; advised Harvey Weinstein at Miramax; etc.

But there is more... TWO ADDITIONAL SPEAKERS are going to round out this exciting event. Do join us for the NETWORKING AND PRESENTATIONS!

Kindest regards,

Your Friends at IIFF Los Angeles

P.S.: Bring YOUR BUSINESS PLAN to our get-together and to the attention of FilmAngels ( investors. IIFF will gladly handle the formalities of the submission process for you.

Daily Z

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