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EasyCap's Facemotion - MoCap System

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EasyCap's Facemotion - MoCap System

Postby Charles » Wed May 16, 2012 10:53 am


Have you ever spent whole nights up trying to deliver your animation on deadline? Have you ever become upset about the fact that no matter how long and how hard you try your animation won't come to life?

If neither you, nor your colleagues are interested in how you can minimize the time you spend creating a realistic animation, you shouldn't read any further, thank you for your attention.

Imagine that you can create an animation which not only satisfies your customers' needs, but also makes an impressive impact on them. Imagine that you live in a world, where you can go early in the afternoon to have a mug of beer with your friends, without worrying about tomorrow's deadline.

The EasyCap Studio's Facemotion® face motion capture system gives a solution to your problems and help you to reach your goals:

■the system is easy to set up
■requires minimum space
■transparent and simple = easy to learn and use
■fast and realistic animation production
■can export output in any common formats
■On what price? Let's say competitive. But astonishing would also do.

Give yourself a minute now to see with your own eyes how much easier it makes animation creating. If you are ready, just watch this video. Creating the animation took the Vertigo Digital only 2 days.

Make your own model "come to life" with the coordinates, which measure precisely the movement of the markers and can be downloaded directly from our homepage. It may look unbelievable, but this mocap data is raw, hasn't been cleaned. And don't worry about the output format; it can be imported to all kind of animation softwares.

Should you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail or subscribe to our newsletter. We are looking forward to your application and we also hope that you can soon create the animation, which will make your customers remember it for ages.

Best regards,
Ádám Varga
product manager

We are proud to share with you our clients' testimonial:

"With Facemotion we are able to produce natural facial movements, within very short time (2 days). This could not have been provided to that extent with Keyframe animation. After the first use of the system, we've been very impressed by this technology and look forward to utilise more motion capture sessions in future projects."

Michael Vitzthum, CEO nhb studios

You can see further face animations created by EasyCap Studio Facemotion system on these videos:


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