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Film Finance & Crowdfunding Startegies - LA - May 17 '12

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Film Finance & Crowdfunding Startegies - LA - May 17 '12

Postby Charles » Mon May 14, 2012 10:18 pm

Dear Friends,

The Institute for Int'l Film Financing (IIFF) has confirmed an unmatched lineup of world-class FILM & FINANCE HEAVYWEIGHTS for Thursday evening in Hollywood. Miss this at your peril:

1. "FEATURE FINANCING STRATEGIES for the Indie Producer" -- by JULIO CARO, innovative independent film/TV producer w/ creative management skills & strong financial background; Producer/EP at Broken Rose Productions; feature films include drama "El Cantante" (Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony), thriller "Duress" (Martin Donovan, Sakis Rouvas) & sci-fi film "Hunter Prey"; served as Jennifer Lopez's producing partner at Nuyorican Productions, had 1st-look deals w/ Columbia, Fox TV & Telemundo; producer credits also include Tarsem Singh's "Cell" (J.Lo) & "Erskineville Kings" (Hugh Jackman); fmr. Sr. VP at Manufacturers Hanover Trust (now JPMorgan Chase) in asset-based lending & leveraged acquisitions; etc.

2. "THE POWER OF MANY: Latest Trends in Crowdfunding" -- by URI EMERSON-FLEMING, entertainment lawyer in film/TV practice group at Kleinberg Lange Cuddy & Klein; represents actors, writers, directors, producers, production co's & studios in matters related to development, production & distribution of movies, TV programs, new media & other content; fmr. Associate at Irell & Manella, involved in acquisition of major US studio; fmr. Manager of Business & Legal Affairs at Worldwide Film Completion, worked on 30+ indies w/ $1-50M budgets; fmr. Sr. Associate at Strategic Issues Management Group; fmr. Managing Editor at Southern California Law Review; named Rising Star by Super Lawyers of Southern California; etc.

3. "MAKE YOUR OWN LUCK: Financial Networking & Public Relations" -- by CAMILLE
SOLARI, prolific US-Canadian actress, comedian, writer & producer w/ credits incl. "Recoil" (Steve Austin); "True True Lie" (Jaime King), "Boston Girls" (Danny Trejo), "CSI: Miami" & "Boston Legal"; CEO at La Vie En Rose Productions; wrote, produced & starred in 15+ features & TV shows in only 5 years; worked on shows for HBO, Universal, Comedy Central, NBC, Showtime, Weinstein Co., Lifetime, Syfy & others; originally from Boston, began career as assistant to Tom Cruise; nominated for IMDb's Top 10 Actresses to Watch; etc.

Register at or read on...

4. "TARGETING THE 1%: Short Primer on Their Behavior, Patterns & Interests" -- by ROBERT GREEN, Producer at Another Green World Productions & Green World Productions; made sequel to & developed TV show based on "Waiting" (Ryan Reynolds, Anna Faris, Justin Long, Luis Guzman); fmr. VP at Granada Int'l, ran scripted entertainment for ITV in LA; fmr. Head of Production at Hans Zimmer's Media Ventures ("Waiting," Werner Herzog's "Incident at Loch Ness"); fmr. Director of Development at Jan de Bont's Blue Tulip Productions ("Minority Report," "Haunting," "SLC Punk!"); wrote film biz plans for Bob Cooper & Larry Kasanoff; fmr. Story Editor at Red Wagon Productions ("Gladiator," "Hollow Man," "Stuart Little"); etc.

5. "CHANGING THE RULES of Film Finance in the New Economy" -- by ANTON NEL, seasoned int'l financier, specializes in de-risking film investments to create principal protection for investors; employs various strategies to mitigate risk, either by utilizing other investment-grade instruments as arbitrage or via investment leverage; helps many investors protect their principal investment & enables producers to participate in profit much sooner on recoupment waterfall; also finances property developments & monetizes sovereign guarantees for capital projects & other asset classes; etc.

6. "SHOOT FOR THE MOON: Lessons Learned in the Trenches" -- by DAMIAN HARRIS, award-winning writer/director/producer of films & TV for 20+ years, both for studios & independently; wrote, directed &/or produced "Gardens of the Night" (John Malkovich), "Deceived" (Goldie Hawn), "Mercy" (Ellen Barkin), "Bad Company" (Laurence Fishburne) & "Rachel Papers" (James Spader); made low-budget indie "Gardens of the Night" for < $1M that played in competition at Berlin & was sold by Sobini Films & William Morris's Cassian Elwes; etc.

7. "HOW TO TAKE ACTION on Your Film Funding Goals" -- by RYAN LEWIS, superb independent producer who spent last decade working for NBC, Spyglass, Jerry Bruckheimer Films, Paradigm talent agency & others; Co-Producer of Matthew
Lillard's directorial debut "Fat Kid Rules the World," won 2012 SXSW Audience Award; Exec. Producer of comedies "High School" (2010 Sundance premiere) & "Demoted" (Sean Astin); Assoc. Producer of "Pool Boys" (Lillard) & "Autopsy"; fmr. Head of Development at Warren Zide's Flipzide; fmr. Coordinator at Fuse Entertainment; currently developing "Harvard Zombie Massacre," producing web series for Crackle; etc.

We would be affirmatively THRILLED if you joined us on the 17th. IIFF is the premier membership organization for FILM ENTREPRENEURS & FINANCIERS with global ambitions. Are you a member yet? :)

Your Avid Friends at IIFF

P.S.: Not in LA? Does London [ ], Vancouver
[ ] or San Francisco [ ] work better? More TBA soon.

P.P.S.: You should also CHECK OUT OUR EXPERIMENT in social commerce for video at & vote with your dollar!

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