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Send Me A A New Fundraising Idea

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Send Me A A New Fundraising Idea

Postby Charles » Thu Feb 02, 2012 12:35 am

Send Me A

A New Fundraising Idea...

Do you want an easier way to organize your fundraiser? Do you want high yields and a larger profit margin with less effort? Would you like to make more with less work during your yearly fundraisers?

Now you can!

Send Me a Mile, a service by Adventures in Fundraising, provides a platform for organizations of every size to fundraise in a better way for their all-important causes, missions, and goals.

Behind every fundraiser, a powerfully important cause or purpose drives the organizer and participants to raise money for their organization. Imagine if you could sell digital miles to raise money for your next fundraiser. That's exactly what we have done!

Schedule Yours Here>>

We have created a way for organizations and individuals to sell those digital miles instead of actual product. Rather than selling cookies or wrapping paper, sell the digital miles to uncover your fundraiser’s objective and get more from each closed sale.

There are so many different groups, organizations, and individuals looking for new and unique ways to fundraise for their objectives and purposes. Currently, we are running fundraisers for several different types of organizations.

Sports Teams
Field Trips & Summer Camps
Motorcycle Clubs
Summer Missions
College Clubs
Cheerleading & DrillTeam Groups
Boy & Girl Scouts
Animal Shelters
Competitive & Recreational Teams
Extracurricular School Clubs
Medical Research and Funding
Church Groups

Perhaps you belong to a group that is looking to generate funding for a specific project or objective, or maybe you would like to raise money on your own for their cause. Send Me A Mile just might offer a solution to your fundraising frustrations. With our system, you and your fellow volunteers can raise money without selling or distributing actual product.

Remember, we can work with any size group - large or small as well as individuals!

This system is easy to implement within your organization and simple to use. As with any fundraiser, your success is dependent on your ability to drive motivation and capture digital miles sales, but by eliminating most of the things you don't like about fundraising, a Send Me A Mile fundraiser gives you more time to invest in the important things.

Have a question? Ask it HERE...

Traditionally, your supporters are more interested in giving more to your organization and its worthy cause than purchasing some type of product they didn't need in the first place. Adventures in Fundraising provides a way for everyone to win. Your participants sell digital product - something fun, new, and cutting-edge. Your buyers and supporters get to give more to your organization without feeling burdened to purchase actual products. Finally, your organization brings home twice as much money from their fundraiser.

Company Information

Adventures in Fundraising
PO Box 4187
Waynesville, Missouri 65583

P: 573-336-3372
F: 866-317-2749



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