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Film Finance Deals - Seminar - LA - Jan 12 '12

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Film Finance Deals - Seminar - LA - Jan 12 '12

Postby Charles » Sun Jan 08, 2012 9:36 pm

Dear Friends,

Just a REMINDER & UPDATE regarding Thursday's FILM & FINANCE get-together in Los Angeles. Get your REDUCED-PRICE SEAT now at -

Our 7 EXPERT SPEAKERS offer something worthwhile for everyone:

1) "PRODUCTION LOANS: How to Secure & Structure a Loan for Your Movie" -- by TODD STEINER, VP at Comerica Bank; partnered w/ investment banks, mezzanine & other senior debt providers resulting in $1B+ in loans; credited as production financier for "Twilight" films & "District 9"; fmr. Director of Development at
Shooting Gallery ("You Can Count on Me," "Henry Fool," "Minus Man"); etc.

2) "THE BUSINESS OF INDIE FILM: Selling Financed Films for Distribution" -- by GARY RUBIN, Exec. VP at distributor Cohen Media; previously founded & headed First Independent Pictures ("Big Fan," "Holy Rollers"; fmr. Exec. VP of Sales & Acquisitions at Artisan Ent. ("Blair Witch Project"); fmr. VP of Distribution & Acquisitions at October Films; fmr. Prez at Prism Pictures; etc.

3) "MEET REAL INVESTORS: Championship Networking for Your Project" -- by Joel
Eisenberg, Prez at Paramount-based EMO Films, funded by private investors; prepping "Tales From the Crypt," biopic of MAD founder, Alzheimer's tale "January Rain" & horror film "Hellview"; author of entertainment & finance
books; etc.

4) "ELEMENTS OF INT'L FINANCING: Teamwork Across Borders" -- by Kevin Dole, Prez at RendezVous Films; Director, Writer & Producer w/ Michael London ("Sideways") of "Kiss the Frog," funded from 4 countries; 20+ year career as DGA director of 600+ TV commercials; directed music videos for REO Speedwagon; etc.

5) "FILM FINANCE DEALS: The Most Important Things You Need to Know" -- by RANDY MENDELSOHN, Prez/CEO at Atomic Finance & Capital; Principal at Mendelsohn Law Office, focuses on film & TV finance, production, distribution & talent agreements; clients include funds, banks, investors, filmmakers, sales agents, distributors; etc.

6) "INDIE SUCCESS: How to Find & Fund Winning Projects" -- by BRAD LITTLEFIELD, Silicon Valley professional turned award-winning film producer; spent 10+ years working w/ such exciting startups as Google/YouTube; Partner at Open Range Pictures & Producer of 2010 feature "Becoming Eduardo" (Elizabeth Pena); involved in development & funding of numerous movie projects; etc.

7) "AVOIDING THE PITFALLS: A Cautionary Tale for Filmmakers & Financiers" -- by BRUCE CAULK, multiple Emmy & Telly-winning Writer, Director, Producer & Prez at Intelliscape Films; directed feature "Minkow" (James Caan, Ving Rhames) & TV
pilot "Redemption" (Clint Howard), based on con man Barry Minkow's life; corp. clients include LA Fitness, Apollo Group, Konami (Japan), Saudi Royal Family; etc.

Do not miss this spectacular LEARNING & NETWORKING opportunity. Are you looking for film funding? Submit an INVESTMENT PROPOSAL to FilmAngels [ ] by handing it to the moderator on Jan/12/12.

Happy New Year,

Your Friends at IIFF Los Angeles Institute for Int'l Film Financing (IIFF)

P.S.: In LONDON? Join us there [ ] on the 26th!

Daily Z

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