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Learn to Sell Your Written Content - NYC - Jan 18 '12

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Learn to Sell Your Written Content - NYC - Jan 18 '12

Postby Charles » Thu Dec 22, 2011 9:43 am


Learn the Strategies that can Turn Content into Cash Flow

America's Leading Experts Share What it Takes to Succeed

Repurpose with Purpose
The Three Primary Markets for Content

Building Your Content Brand

Creating a Movement in the Social Media Age

January 18, 2012

NYC Seminar and Conference Center
21 West 23rd Street, Suite 515

9:00 AM TO 5:00 PM

Join us for this exclusive, high impact opportunity with consultant to New York Times best-selling authors, Peter Winick, and his expert guests, Jerrold Jenkins and Peter Hoppenfield.

This informative, one-day seminar reveals the strategies to monetize your content, manage your intellectual property, and create new vehicles to deliver your message in ways that you may never have known were possible.

Peter Winick and his impact strategists represent the best in business, companies, authors and thought leaders who utilize his exclusive content through long-term consulting contracts. Now you have the chance to access this same information in this one day exclusive event.


Mastering the three markets of content.
Identifying the patterns and formats in which markets purchase and utilize content.
Defining your platform and identifying the markets you serve.
Finding the best markets to serve and why.
Thought Leadership Marketing (TLM) and how to develop and implement a viable plan.
The future of book publishing and understanding the new publishing model.
Utilizing a publishing plan for content recognition.
Finding the power of both printed and eBooks
Identifying the right mix of marketing and content to best sell you and your content.
Delivering change. Examples of how your work impacts an individual, a team and an organization.

"I am very fortunate to have had the opportunity to benefit immensely from Peter Winick's lightning fast mind, great sense of humor, deep experience, and remarkably creative approaches to business growth, product development, and marketing strategy." - Prof. Stewart D. Friedman, author, Total Leadership

"The vision we held for our book required a great team behind us - and Jenkins Group was able to rise to the occasion and work with us to bring all the pieces together." - Judy Feld and Ernest F. Oriente, authors of SmartMatch Alliances

Seminar attendance is limited!


Or by calling Andrew Parvel at 1.800.644.0133 ext. 1004, or via email at


Upon registration you will receive a confirmation and additional information on event location and agenda.

Cancellation Policy: You may cancel your registration any time, up to 30 days prior to the event, subject to a $20 cancellation fee.

NOTE: For cancellations 30 days or fewer prior to the event date, refunds will not be provided.

Jenkins Group, Inc.
1129 Woodmere Ave. Suite B
Traverse City, MI 49686


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