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Film & TV Production Loans Seminar - LA - Sep 29 '11

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Film & TV Production Loans Seminar - LA - Sep 29 '11

Postby Charles » Mon Sep 26, 2011 11:46 pm

Dear Friends,

Our LA chapter proudly presents another potent FILM FUNDING MEETING on the Raleigh Studios lot. Join us on September 29 at our WEB-ONLY RATE via -

Here is a quick overview of the WORLD-CLASS PRESENTERS & timely advice we have lined up for you:

1) "TAKE IT TO THE BANK: Criteria for Film & TV Production Loans" -- by ART STRIBLEY, 33-year entertainment lending veteran, personally financed 300+ films & oversaw 300+ more financings; Exec. VP at Pacific Mercantile Bank, provides film & TV funding; fmr. Exec. VP at First California Bank & Lewis Horwitz Org. (now ICB Entertainment Finance); previously, 16 years in commercial banking; etc.

2) "NEW HORIZONS FOR INDEPENDENT FILM: The Changing Venues of Distribution" -- by FREYR THOR, Founder & CEO at leading int'l independent film studio Vanguard Cinema; oversaw acquisition & distribution of 1000+ titles over 20 years, amassing library of 500+; advocate & partner for established & emerging content creators; etc.

3) "NAVIGATING THE MONEY TRAIL: New Opportunities for Today's Filmmakers" -- by ROBERT SINGER, leading entertainment lawyer with 30+ years in movies, TV & themed entertainment; President at New Mexico Law Group; represented & worked with prominent companies & talent incl. Paramount, Viacom, Whoopie Goldberg, Charlton Heston, Walter Cronkite, Claire Bloom, Frank Langella & Ossie Davis; etc.

4) "STARTING FROM SCRATCH: The Nuts & Bolts of Indie Finance & Production" -- by CAMILLIA MONET, actor & producer for 20 years; CEO at Esperanza Productions on Paramount Studios lot; produced films accepted into Cannes, AFI, Monaco; had recurring roles on "The Shield" & "Saving Grace"; worked with Spielberg, Cruise, Maguire; etc.

5) "MICROBUDGET MOVIE MAKING: Making Every Single Penny Count" -- by GIO MESSALE, seasoned Production Coordinator & Producer with experience finding investors, negotiating funding, coordinating budgets/schedules & more; credits include Scorsese's "Shutter Island," Spielberg's "Indiana Jones 4," J.J. Abrams' "Star Trek" & "Mission: Impossible 3," "Stardust," "Aeon Flux," "Paycheck"; etc.

Find out MUCH MORE about this affordably priced PRIME EVENT at -

The speakers & organizers look forward to seeing you on 9/29. Please MAKE OTHERS AWARE of our meeting.

Warm regards,

Your Friends at IIFF
Institute for International Film Financing

P.S.: Bring your FILM BUSINESS PLAN to Thursday's gathering & to the attention of
the FilmAngels [] investor network. The IIFF team will handle the ENTIRE submission procedure for you!

P.P.S.: Not in LA? Go to: or to see what else we have scheduled.

Daily Z

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