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Don Bluth Animation Tutorials: Draw as you Please

Learn about animation from the pros

Don Bluth Animation Tutorials: Draw as you Please

Postby skynet » Fri Dec 03, 2010 9:39 am

This tutorial discusses important principles that are germane to your success as an artist. You are unique. Your point of view of the world around you is also unique.
Schools and colleges have a cookie-cutter mentality and require conformity to rules, so learn the rules and move on. As your artistic nature matures, you will want to find your own way of expressing yourself, and even though animation encourages each of us to follow a model sheet, your take on it will always be different.
The expressions and body language will be uniquely yours. To make your drawings substantive is the goal; Drawings are symbols that witness who you are. Let me teach you how to achieve this.

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