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Where's your tuition going? Look to college presidents

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Where's your tuition going? Look to college presidents

Postby Charles » Tue Nov 16, 2010 10:00 am

It's fascinating to watch the fattening at the top develop in our country. Not only do we see it in government and in the corporate sector, we're also seeing it in our universities.


A few years ago in the California State University System, there was a huge outcry, which did nothing to change things sadly, against cuts in the budget and tuition hikes while at the same time, the president of the university system was awarded a $100,000 a year raise.

Seems that was the emerging trend as a recent article describes that millionaire university presidents are becoming a growing phenomenon throughout the US in places of higher education. While programs are cut, and tuition increases to astronomical levels, many of the guys at the top of the system are receiving million dollar annual salaries and even more.

The monkey never sleeps.

Read about it here...

Ranks of millionaire college presidents grow

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