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Moviestorm - film, animation and media teaching resources

Learn about animation from the pros

Moviestorm - film, animation and media teaching resources

Postby Charles » Sat Dec 10, 2011 10:32 am

Moviestorm is a complete suite of video production tools that lets anyone simply make 3D animated movies on their PC or MAC. A fast, fun and low cost film-making solution, Moviestorm Education is also a flexible cross-curriculum tool that is ideal for energising subjects and students in a medium that resonates with the YouTube Generation.

For film schools and media courses, Moviestorm empowers students as a film sketching tool to quickly test ideas, learn and practice techniques, and experiment with complex scenes without worrying about cost or resources. It operates as part of the workflow and is already being enthusiastically used by students all over the world, from elementary to college level, due to an easy to use game-style interface that requires no art or animation skills to use.

What’s more, there are a lot of new free resources available to support your teaching and course requirements:

Free software

Teachers can now get hold of a free Moviestorm Education Single User License, worth $60, just for letting us know how you think you could use a video sketch tool such as Moviestorm in the classroom. The offer closes soon, so visit the promotion page on our website, fill in the short web form, and the Moviestorm software is all yours!

Because of the free 14 day trial, you can also try it with all your students for free – just download from

Free teaching resources

There are a lot of free teaching resources available that are proving popular with teachers and students of all subjects – useful for the trial period!

Volume 3 of Matt Kelland’s ‘Making Better Movies with Moviestorm’ e-book has been released covering ‘Sound and Lighting’, you can get it for free here. Volume 1 was on ‘Basic Camerawork’, Volume 2 was on ‘Staging’, and all have been critically well received by teachers and professionals alike, with comments such as:

“A really good primer for any film student, especially all crammed into 40 pages.” Andrew Segal, Carshalton College,
Norwich School of Art and Design, or...

“Spot on. The exercises are set up in a very logical, progressive way.” James Martin, Lecturer - Radio, Television and Film, University of North Texas.

We are also pleased to announce that another free lesson plan to support Secondary and Tertiary film and media courses has been posted on the TES website.

Storyboarding with Moviestorm - Lesson 2: This lesson is about producing promotional media. ... s-6128439/

They have also been added to the education resources page on our website if you prefer to download them from there.
These are made by teachers to assist other teachers with course deliverables, so please take advantage of them!

If you would like to hear about more free resources, promotions and product news, register here for the Moviestorm monthly newsletter.

I hope you take advantage of these opportunities, and if you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

Best wishes,

Tim Judges

Moviestorm – 3d animated movie-making tools for teachers and students.

Fast, fun and low cost film-making solution for media courses, and a flexible cross-curriculum tool that is ideal for energising subjects and students in a medium that resonates with the YouTube Generation.

“Moviestorm resulted in helping most of my students get distinctions for their overall coursework" – Steve Thorne, Teacher, Media Studies, Long Road Sixth Form College, Cambridge


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