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Cal State Long Beach 24 hour contest - Sept 27 2013

Learn about animation from the pros

Cal State Long Beach 24 hour contest - Sept 27 2013

Postby Charles » Mon Sep 09, 2013 11:09 am

Professor Audrey Mintz at California State University Long Beach has been conducting 24 hour animation contest for the past 6 years with excellent results and responses from industry sponsors including Disney, DreamWorks, Nickelodeon, ToonBoom and DigiCel).

This year the contest will take place on Friday September 27 2013 at 5pm to Saturday September 28th at 5pm.

All schools are invited to participate this year!

Here are the guidelines from Professor Mintz...


If interested, please follow these steps:

1. Students should organize into teams of 5 (at least 2 animators recommended per group). Schools can have as many groups participate as they can handle.

2. Select one representative (teacher or student organizer) from your school and confirm participation with Aubry Mintz

(The teams must be able to work at your school to ensure the rules are followed)

3. Have each team send names/participants contact information to Chelsea Bryan <>. Chelsea is the student club officer and will be helping with organizing the event this year.

4. Aubry Mintz (professor, CSULB) will announce the theme for this years contest to the representative from each participating school at 5pm Friday September 27th. We are looking into a streaming site for this, Stay Tooned!

5. Teams will have exactly 24 hrs. to complete a 30 second animated film based on the theme given. The films must be posted on-line (Stay Tooned for link) before 5pm Saturday September 28th .

6. Films will be judged by a panel of industry professionals based on: storytelling (10 points) art direction/animation (10 points) creativity/interpretation of theme (10 points) and level of completion (10 points)

7. Winners will be announced on Monday Sep 30th and prizes will be awarded from sponsors (Stay Tooned)

This was a great event last year with 35 teams (175 students) from 8 schools participating. This contest will teach our students much about working together, meeting deadlines and making creative decisions under pressure. Although it is quite a bit to do in such a short time, every year we always have completed, colored films!!! AND they all have a lot of fun and return for more each year:)

I plan to continue this every year and I hope you can join us. Please send this flier and email to your student/clubs and let me know if we can expect participation from your school. Feel free to forward this to any other educators you know.

Aubry Mintz

Professor, Illustration / Animation

California State University Long Beach

Daily Z

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Re: Cal State Long Beach 24 hour contest - Sept 27 2013

Postby Charles » Mon Sep 16, 2013 9:34 am

Here's an update about the 24 hour contest at Cal State Long Beach...


Hello Educators, I am very pleased to announce an excellent development in our national 24 hour animation contest!

Tina Price of CTNX fame will be hosting the films on her website this year. This is a great development and will allow us to not only have space to house the films, but also allow our judges to access the films easily. Due to this, we are asking teams to register ahead of time in order to create a login to upload their films. Some students have been asking if they can participate if they do not have a full team of 5. We would like these students to register as well and we will attempt to find a team for them if possible.

If you know there are teams from your school that would like to participate, please have them send their contact information (emails are fine) to the following email: The deadline for this is THIS FRIDAY SEP 20 at 3pm.

We are two weeks away and continuing to gather sponsors. So far we have incredible prizes for our winning teams confirmed from:

Tina Price (5 3-day passes to CTNX) Toon Boom and Digicel (5 licenses of their software) and ASIFA-Hollywood (5 one year memberships).

We have teams currently registered from SJSU and CSULB and are expecting many more! So have your students join this fun excellent adventure this week!!!


Aubry Mintz
Professor, CSULB

Daily Z

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