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Chris Derochie - Animated iPad books for kids E-mail
Written by Charles   
Wednesday, 03 July 2013 17:58

Chris Derochie is the owner of Cobblestone Media and is on a quest to get kids interested in reading again.

He's creating a series of iPad books for children of all ages that are designed to improve their imaginative skills, which will make reading a more enjoyable experience for them. Chris is a father of four and has been in the buying viagra with no prescription animation industry for close to 30 years. With plenty of life experience on how to entertain kids he understands the challenges of cheapest generic viagra and takes checks instilling a love of reading in children. He believes that the joy of reading is completely dependent on one's ability to visualize.

Chris' plan is to kickstart children's imagination by using a combination of high quality illustrations, music and short sequences of Disney quality animation with dialogue on every page.

So he's launched a crowdfunding campaign to try it viagra overnight no prescription that end. Chris will also be donating a percentage of everything he raises from the sale of each book to charities that support juvenile literacy. Here's a press release that gives all the details.

The campaign is going through Indiegogo and wraps up on July 19 2013. You can read all about it and see examples of wow look it lowest price for viagra the art and music and support the project here. Watch the video for more info...

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